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...even if you don't have dental insurance and can't afford dental treatments!

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    Since you have landed here, it means to us that you are probably somewhat frustrated with your association with mainstream dentistry.  That's easy to understand because we firmly believe that the dental profession, as a whole, has sorrowfully neglected their duty to STOP DENTAL DISEASE.  They practice a lot of 'Drill, Fill and Bill!' and have us drinking loads of fluoride, but little or no attention is paid to stopping the cause of the one disease keeping us regular visitors to the dental office.

Get ready for a FRESH APPROACH
to acheiving a disease-free mouth -
where teeth and gums stay healthy for life.

    The approach begins with knowledge from a book published in 1819, where author and practicing dentist, Dr. Levy Parmly, gives an in-depth explanation of: 'The Cause and Cure of Cavities and Gum Problems.'

    Long before Weston Price, Antoine Béchamp and the theories of many others, the truth about tooth decay and gum disease has been available to us all along!

Imagine That!
Nearly 200 years ago, a focused,
straight-talking dentist telling the truth!

Money by the Mouthful by Dr. Robert O. Nara    In the mid 1970's another straight-talking dentist picked up on Parmley's scientific findings, and later published a more in-depth book entitled, 'Money by the Mouthful.'

    Its author, Dr. Robert O. Nara, states, "NO ONE should ever enter the door of ANY dental office without reading this book and becoming equipped with the methods of defending themselves, their teeth and their gums from the profit-driven motives of today's dentist."

Money by the Mouthful
What You Should Know About the Health of Your mouth and Body...
That NO Doctor is Going to Tell You...

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If you are hungry for timely, useful approach to deal with your dental problems without pain and expense - in a way that is easy to understand and simple to put to use...

Start Saving Dental Dollars Now!

Did you know...
it is possible to save tens of thousands of dollars on dental care over a lifetime without fear of risking your health?

Did you know... you can keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime with no drilling, filling, planing, root canals...?

Did you know...
by the time you reach your 40's, statistically, you are likely to be suffering some degree of gum disease without even knowing it?  We always thought that tooth and gum diseases were insignificant, but...

Did you know... scientists are now linking gum disease with heart disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer's and a growing number of other systemic illnesses?

Did you know... teeth and gums will heal themselves, given the proper care and environment?

If you knew what was REALLY to blame behind tooth decay
and gum disease -- bleeding, pain, loose teeth and bad breath...

Wouldn't you do things differently?
Since the late 1970's, millions of others have been shown -
and these people can claim responsibility for their continued good oral health.

You Can Too!

Money by the Mouthful reveals the truth about dental disease
and what YOU can do about it starting TODAY!

'Money by the Mouthful' reveals the secrets kept from the public about oral health
and what we really nneed to know about caring for our teeth and gums -
information which you may have never heard before!
This is NOT a book about brushing twice a day
and visiting your dentist every six months...

Before anyone can hope to learn the truth about oral health
and about America's most shocking public health scandal -

We must first get rid of several mis-truths,
half-truths and outright lies...

First, and most important: Teeth are meant to last your ENTIRE lifetime.
No other part of your body is as tough, as well-constructed and capable of recovering from disease.

Given half a chance, your mouth would be, and should be
the healthiest part of you, forever.

It is 'common knowledge' that teeth inevitably get cavities while young and need to be replaced when old.

This is worse than a misconception: It's an outright lie!
In the absence of dental disease none of these things happen to teeth.

"There's nothing anyone can do about dental disease." How many times have you heard that? TV advertising, for example, makes a virtue out of minimizing disease, not doing away with it.

There is no reason for anyone to have bad oral health.
The disease doesn't have to be feared, just eliminated.

Another incredibly damaging misconception is that dentures are an acceptable replacement for natural teeth.

False teeth are one of the most lucrative tricks in the dentist's bag, but they are dangerous to your health.  Dentures can cost you up to ten years right off the top of an otherwise normal lifetime.

Here's a lie we love to believe: Your tooth and gum disease problems are genetic and there is nothing you can do about it.

There is an old saying, "Genetics loads the gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger."  When you know the true cause and cure for tooth decay and gum disease, you can absolutely do something about it, regardless of family history.

People are taught to think of proper care (when they think of it at all) as being something like this: "Brush after meals, floss, avoid sweets and see the dentist every six months."

In this book, you'll discover that 'formula' to be virtually useless.  People whose health depends upon it, and who use this as a guide - are fooling themselves.

Money by the MouthfulWhy Do Good Teeth go Bad??
If 'Nature' provided us with good teeth, why don't they stay healthy?
You've been told that you should stay away from sugar. Well, many foods convert to sugar, so what do you do?
Starve yourself?   Even fruits, which are 'good' for us, contain sugar...

Please do not be sucked in to the notion that all you have to do is adapt a certain diet or brush with a particular paste or soap, and all of your dental problems will forever be avoided or disappear! There is much more to the story, and the story begins right here with 'Money by the Mouthful'!

Join with the millions of others who have learned the simple, key aspects of keeping your teeth healthy for life.  You'll be pleased with the results now, and for many years to come (when your friends have replaced their good teeth with
expensive dentures or even more expensive implants).

Money by the Mouthful!Order 'Money by the Mouthful' Today!

When you read 'Money by the Mouthful,' you may wonder...


You may get a little angry, but you'll have some real knowledge and understanding about the disease process and the dental game to put to good use right away!

In Addition...
How to Become Dentally self sufficient - beat gum disease


Dr. Nara's

This book FURTHER details the keys to your good oral health -
keeping your teeth healthy for life!  You and your family will benefit RIGHT NOW with these startling, yet simple procedures that can keep you OUT of the dentist's chair and keep your money IN your pocket!
Why be one of the nearly 98% of all Americans
who will be suffering from some stage of tooth and gum disease (if you aren't already)?

You will learn...
          • How to REALLY care for your teeth (forget the TV commercials!)
          • Why sugar or refined foods are NOT the culprits and what really is! 
          • How to prevent cavities, bleeding gums, loose teeth and the 'root canal'!
          • How to care for your children's teeth & keep them cavity-free
          • How to teach them proper care to keep them healthy for life!
          • How to act in an emergency...
          • What to do if you lose a filling, chip or lose a tooth...
          • What foods and nutrients are best for your teeth
          • Why dentures and implants are FAR from a suitable substitute for your own healthy teeth
No matter what condition your teeth or gums are currently in, you can STOP the disease process, save your teeth and save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in the process!  You DO NOT have to look forward to a mouth full of dentures after a lifetime of dental work!


   "...thank you for the information about teeth.  I found it useful to eliminate some tooth pain and belived that practicing what was said in the books saved a tooth and some dental dollars as well."
Best of regards,
Robert F.,  Toronto, ON

   "I have learned more from your web site and (Dr. Nara's) books than in 30 years of going to the dentist.  I am now disseminating this information to my children and also to my clients, as I'm a consultant for natural healing.   The truth shall set us free. Thank you for consistently working on doing just that."

Sincerely, Pam H.
Naples, FL
Dear Tom,

    "...let me thank you again for your site, Dr. Nara’s books, and the tools, everything.  It’s been fabulous for me in all sorts of various ways...."

    "...even before I’d settled into regular deeper irrigation – those cavities were gone, LITERALLY GONE.  There was no TRACE that they’d ever been there.  Well, you might imagine I nearly passed out, it was so freaky!  And the great results just keep comin’."

    "So, thank God you’re doin’ what you’re doin.'  It’s appreciated."

All the best,
Michael B.
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'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient'

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Bonus #2:  'Research Advocates Oramedics' by Dr. Robert Nara

Here's the science behind all of the information Dr. Nara gives out in 'Money by the Mouthful' and 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient!'  Here's the theory AND the PROOF - at least ONE dentist was reading the dental journals...!

Bonus #3:  'The Seven Factors Transcript' by Dr. Robert Nara

Dr. Nara's final speech given at the National Health Federation conference in San Francisco in 1986.
  Learn the seven timeless principles Dr. Nara considered Most Important in keeping your teeth healthy for life.

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'Dental Self Sufficiency'
It's the healthy way to travel life.

"...I made it abundandy clear that the most powerful way to shape our lives is to get ourselves to take action. The difference in the results that people produce comes down to what they've done differently from others in the same situations. Different actions produce different results. Why? Because any action is a cause set in motion, and its effect builds on past effects to move us in a definite direction. Every direction leads to an ultimate destination: our destiny.

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. The key and most important question, then, is this: What precedes all of our actions? What determines what actions we take, and therefore, who we become, and what our ultimate destination is in life? What is the father of action?

The answer, of course, is what I've been alluding to all along: the power of decision." 

- Anthony Robbins, 'Awaken The Giant Within'