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Pocket Care Irrigator
The Pocket Care is a small, hand-held squeeze bottle for irrigating deep periodontal pockets beyond 4 millimeters in depth.  About the size of an eyedropper bottle, it comes with a 24 guage, end port metal cannula (CAN-you-la) tip.

Simply fill the bottle with your medicated solution, gently insert the metal cannula tip into the pocket between the tooth and gum and squeeze the solution out through the cannula tip.

Due to the Pocket Care design, the fluid pressure will be too low to use as a 'whole mouth' irrigator such as a Waterpik or Viajet, yet just right to reach deep into and bathe individual pockets formed due to perionditis (commonly known as gum disease or periodontal disease).  This low pressure application also lessens the risk of further damage to fragile connective tissue, having already been damaged by the decay process.

When used regularly along with a proper antimicrobial agent, the environment of the periodontal pocket can begin to improve - one of the factors whereby the body begins its healing process - and further re-attachment of connective tissue, between the tooth and gum, can occur.

Because it holds only 1/2 oz. of solution, the Pocket Care is suitable for travel.  Its design is a welcome replacement for those who have struggled with the 'plunger-type', syringe irrigators.

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