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Freedom From Gum Disease - The Future of Dentistry?

March 9, 1997

OraMedia, of Elmira, New York, USA, announced today the creation of "OraMedia - Dental Self-Sufficiency", the web site devoted entirely to 'preventive' dentistry.

The site was established to promote the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara, who fought a long battle with the American Dental Association and others in his profession over his views on promoting 'preventive' dentistry in the face of traditional 'restorative' dentistry.

According to OraMedia's Director and site Editor, Tom Cornwell, "The cause and cure of periodontal (gum) disease was discovered well over 100 years ago. The BIG money, however, is in treating the 'symptoms' of the disease, and not the 'prevention' of it. The focus at OraMedia is teaching people to understand what causes the disease, and how to very easily control it."

"This should be good news to health-conscious people, and to parents especially," he adds. "In a business where, just 'dentures' alone is a $30 BILLION a year industry, I think there's probably a little room for 'preventive dentistry' for those willing to take on the responsibility for their own teeth. It is estimated that 98% of ALL Americans suffer from some stage of periodontal disease."

The major majority of the information at the Oramedia site is free for the reading, downloading and re-publishing. Books and tapes of Dr. Nara's work will also be made available.

OraMedia is located at:

Tom Cornwell - OraMedia
PO Box 496, Elmira, NY 14902

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