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Note To The Reader...

You are about to view some startling material, most of which you may never have seen before, but probably should have. I have tried to keep the integrity of the following articles and other works intact. In doing so, however, some resource information may no longer be current.  As work on this site progresses, resource information will be updated.  If you have any pertinent questions or comments, please inquire.

It should be made clear that much of the the information presented here was written by Dr. Robert O. Nara in the 1970's and 1980's. This site is a compilation of some of his materials with permission - but was not produced by Dr. Nara, now retired from practice.

While this information may have been written a while back, it remains as valid in its application as it did when first presented to the world for individuals wishing to take more personal responsibility for their own oral health without leaving that solely up to the professionals.  Common sense is common sense.

It should be noted that we are not concerned with restorative techniques, rather, in preventive techniques. Therefore the reader should not expect to locate information on dental office products and techniques such as scaling, drilling, caps, crowns, implants, dentures, fillings, surgery, etc.--nor do we provide that information and ask that the reader not write to OraMedia requesting information on personal conditions. We are not professionals, nor do we have access to your dental records and will/could not dispense that type of advice. The purpose of this site is to present information based on the works of Dr. Nara and others, and it is expected that the reader will be able to make better informed decisions on his or her oral health and treatment based on that information.

Further, while there may be or have been professionals in the field practicing according Dr. Nara's materials (Oramedics Fellows) in the past, we are not aware of them and unfortunately cannot provide their whereabouts.  There is a list, however, of dentists promoting non-surgical treatment and microbiological testing and monitoring according to the works of Dr. Paul Keyes, founder of International Dental Health Foundation (IDHF). That list is available at the IDHF site: http://members.aol.com/idhf/byzip.htm. There is also a list of Mercury Free and Biological Dentists at: http://www.talkinternational.com/mfdsindex1.htm.

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Tom Cornwell

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"To 'Enjoy' Healthy Teeth for life... with no pain, no expensive dental work, and no fear... requires a little 'homework'..."  -Dr. Nara

"In my opinion the whole thing boils down to one simple fact:  The dental establishment is scared to death that the public is going to realize that the entire profession has been making a living by repairing the results of a disease they could have been curing all along!"

"...For example, did you realize that there's a $30-million-a-year business going on in denture teeth alone . . . I don't mean full dentures, just the little white beans that dentists stick into the plastic form that they call a denture.  And that figure only represents one small item.  If you multiply it by all of the filling materials, bridges, inlays, and so forth, you can see that there is a tremendous amount of financial interest in maintaining the disease process. "

"They're your teeth. They're going to be either with you or not with you for the rest of your life. The person that is in control is you. You are in charge of your own dental destiny. The more you rely on yourself and the less you rely on the dentist, the more likely you will wind up with teeth at a ripe old age.  You're going to have to do a little homework, you're going to have to study a little bit, you're going to have to change your frame of reference, and you're going to have to say, well maybe there is a better way."
tarter & plaque "Make it a goal to become 'dentally self-sufficient' this year.  Periodontal disease progression can be painless so you may not even be aware of its presence.  Decide to keep all of your natural teeth in your mouth and your 'dental dollars' in your pocket."
    Step Three: Stopping the 'Disease'...

    1.  Let Your Teeth Heal Themselves

      "Drs. Nara and Johansen have their nutritional dos and don'ts, too. In order for the teeth to heal or remain healthy, Dr. Nara explained, "A person has to have sufficient calcium in his system so that the saliva contains a fair amount of calcium. A person who is on an extremely low-calcium diet would not get any remineralization, and the saliva would not be such as to prevent decay."

      "Dr. Johansen cautioned against being lulled into thinking that sugarless gum is really devoid of tooth-decaying sugar. "Sugarless gum isn't sugarless. It' is sucroseless. If you look at the label, you will see that it says, on most of them, 60 percent carbohydrates. That can be just as bad as sugar. The bacteria that cause decay can survive and multiply on those carbohydrates." 

    2.  Demineralization and Remineralization

      "To counter demineralization, the body had to solve an interesting problem: If dental minerals are only soluble in acids, how can it create replacement mineral ions in a way that also doesn't dissolve enamel, as strong stable acids do?  The solution is so elegant, so simple and so invisible that you don't even realize it's happening! This natural mechanism is enhanced by eating unprocessed foods, rich in minerals, including trace minerals, such as natural and organic foods."

    3.  How to Eliminate the Dentist From Your Life

      "When the toxic waste products that are being trapped in 'below the gum line spaces' are flushed out daily with warm salt water, the body's normal reparative processes set in and heal the diseased gum tissue.  In most cases, once the gum disease begins to heal, the bone follows suit, growing back new bone where it's been lost and tightening up loose, wobbly teeth (self-help healing of pyorrhea)."

      "In mouths where bacteria toxins run high, the decay process is also represented, so by eliminating the bacterial waste products from the teeth and gums the decay process stops, as well as gums and bone healing."

    4.  Oral Health in Children

      "By about the age of nine years, most children should be able to assume the day-to-day responsibilities of seeing to it that his or her mouth is scrupulously cleaned at least once every day. Routine cleaning after every meal is highly advisable.  But a thorough cleaning once each day is essential.  If good oral ecology is to be maintained it is probably still advisable for the parent to spot-check the thoroughness of the child's cleaning habits on a weekly basis."

    Step Four:
    Frequently Asked Questions, More Articles of Interest,

    Root Canal Topics, Links, Books & Products...

    1. Frequently Asked Questions

    2. Other Articles of Interest...

    Smoking & Gum Disease

    Fluoridated Water: Dr. Nara wrote years ago of the benefits of fluoride as a topical agent for enamel regeneration, but seriously questioned the ethics of mandatory ingestion of fluoride in drinking water, since it held no benefit when taken internally.  Read this .rtf version of an explosive powerpoint presentation by David C. Kennedy, DDS (BIO):  Fluoride's Proven Effects

Report:  The Oral Health of Older Americans (PDF) Adobe Acrobat
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Download Free, click Here.

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