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Frequently Asked Questions
I have finally compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that I'd like to answer on this page.  This is a start.  Please search here befor writing.  If you do not find what you are looking for, or if you have suggestions for topics, please send to OraMedia

Mouth sores
Canker sores
Via-Jet 7500 (R) vs. Water Pik (R)
Hydrofloss (R)
Saliva Test
Dentist in my area
Is Nara's People's Dental Association and Oramedics completely gone?
TheraSol / Fluoride
Dr. Nara's Books
I am a Web TV user.  What alternatives are available to receive Dr. Nara's books via e-mail?
Capped teeth and Decay
Standard, sulcus & cannulae tips
Product Guarantees, Refund Policy
Orders outside of the United States
Water Distillation

Q:    I have been battling mouth sores all my life.  I have been to many different doctors and no one has helped.  They say they have never seen a case so bad.  The sores are about the size of a nickel.  This makes eating or drinking very hard...
A:    According to the distributor, TheraSol antimicrobial rinse has been helpful in a range of afflictions of this sort.  Rinse with the product, keeping it in the mouth about twice as long as you normally would (2-3 minutes or longer).

Q:    I have a terrible problem with canker sores...
A:    Try a toothpaste without sodium laurel sulphate (SLS)  such as 'Enamel Saver' by Squigle, Inc., PO Box 813, Narberth, PA 19072    Toll-Free: 1-877-718-0718.

Q:    Why do you recommend the Via-jet (R) over the Water Pik (R)?
A:    First, I have owned both and both are good products.  Colgate originally owned the rights to the Via-jet (R).  The Via-jet (R) comes with a lid to keep dust out of the reservoir while not in use, and also comes with both the standard and sulcus tips (2 each).  Finally, the Water Pik (R) model has changed and our cannulae adapters no longer fit the newer model so we no longer sell it.  The ViaJet has recently been revised and is available now as the Viajet PRO (Sept. 2002).  I do not sell Cannulae tips for Water Pik, nor any other irrigators which I do not sell, nor do I  have access to information on where you can buy them.

Q:    What about the Hydrofloss (R) oral irrigator unit?
A:    I am not totally convinced that the magnetic powers of the Hydrofloss (R) irrigator make that machine all that more effective as an oral irrigator.  For better than half the price, I know that the Via-jet(R) is very effective, in any event.  Both units are basically tools anyway, so the bottom line is how you use them...
Hydrofloss Critique:
The Effectiveness of a Magnetized Water Oral Irrigator (Hydro Floss)
on Plaque, Calculus & Gingival Health.

Johnson, KE et a, J Clin Periodontol 1998; 25: 316-321

Q:    How can I get the Saliva Test Dr. Nara talks about?
A:    For a few years we were selling a test called the BANA test, developed by Dr. Walter Loesche.  This is a different one that Dr. Nara offered, but it is more indicative of periodontal risk.  Read about it...   We no longer handle this test.  I do not have any specifics as to where it is available other that to tell you to contact dental offices until you locate one who offers it.

Q:    I would like to know if you can provide the name of a dentist in my area who does this testing or specializes in 'preventive dentistry.'
A:    According to Dr. Nara, there were a small group of dentists in the US practicing along the lines of his way of practicing, but they have since retired or gone back to the more profitable restorative type of work - so the answer to that is no, I cannot help you.  I would ask friends and family members who they like and trust.  After you hear one or two names over and over, consider contacting them -- make the calls, ask questions and make the decision on who you would like to deal with.  Hopefully you will find a dentist you feel will be really helpful and 'prevention-oriented.'  See:  "Note to the Reader..."

Q: Is Nara's People's Dental Association and Oramedics completely gone?
A:   Yes.  I have considered getting the PDA going again.  If there is enough interest among the newsletter readers and visitors to this site, I may.  Oramedics was Nara's organization.  When he retired, it ended, I am assuming.
NOTE:  As of July, 2001, PDA discussion group has been established.  Go to:

Q:    Does TheraSol contain fluoride?
A:    TheraSol no longer contains fluoride.

Dr. Nara's Books:

Money by the Mouthful, How to Become Dentally Self-Sufficient, The 7 Factors Transcript, Research Advocates OraMedics, More...

Q:    I am a WEB TV user and do not have a computer, but I want Dr. Nara's books.  What are my options?
A:    You can place an order for the books and request they be sent to a friend's computer or someone who can download files.

Q:    I want to receive the books as E-mail attachments - how large are the files?
A:    All the materials in the digital package are under 2 Megs.  Go to:

Q:    I have capped teeth.  Can decay occur in my situation?
A:    Yes.  "Capped teeth" (crowns) can be treated with Anti Infective Periodontal Therapy just like natural teeth if they have periodontal problems. If the problem is caries (decay), the crown may need to be removed and/or remade after removing the carious lesion under the crown.
        The major cause of adult tooth loss, whether natural or artificial (including crowns and implants), is periodontal disease. In natural teeth, it's called periodontitis (Latin for an inflammation around the tooth). In implants, it's coming to be called periimplantitis.  In both cases, it's the same disease:  pathogenic bacteria living on the roots of natural or implant teeth, triggering an immune response that destroys the local supporting tissue.

Q:    What is the diffence between the standard, sulcus and cannulae (CAN-You-La) tips that are used with the Via-jet?
A:    The standard tip is used for cleaning the teeth and in-between the teeth, but above the gumline.  When pockets (space between the gum and tooth) deepen due to decay below the gum line, the sulcus tip can be used to deliver solution below the gum line in pockets between 2mm and 4mm deep.  In deeper pockets, use the thinner cannulae tip. 

Q:    What guarantees do your products offer?
A:    The Via-jet PRO comes with a one-year warrantee; if you break a part, go to our products page.  Parts are available.  We will not be held responsible for destruction of plastic irrigator parts from the use of essential oils, herbal concentrates or salts/baking soda.  While some may be getting good results from their use, it is understood that the user takes responsibility for the proper use and care of the equipment.  Contact information for repairs is included with the product.

Q:    What about refunds?
A:    Refunds or exchanges are made ONLY on goods received damaged.  Refunds will NOT be made after an item has been opened or used, such as tips, pastes, powders, rinses, etc. for obvious reasons.  It is assumed that you have gleaned enough information about a product and it's use at this site to have made an informed decision and are willing to take responsibility for that choice.  Ingredient lists are available on the product information pages.  Please read the page thoroughly as we do not accept returns because you don't care for a specific ingredient.  If there are other questions you have or are unsure about a product or service offered here, please write to me at BEFORE ordering.  We do not have 'BUY, TRY & RETURN' Policy.  We are a small business and do not adopt this WalMart-type policy.

Refund requests MUST be made within 15 days of receipt of your order.


PLEASE NOTE:  We ship via USPS (that's the U.S. Postal Service).  If an item is returned to us as undeliverable - for ANY REASON -  we will invoice you the cost to re-ship and will re-ship after payment has been made.  Refunds will not be made in lieu of re-shipping an item.

Q:   I live outside of the United States.  How is my order handled?

A:  We ship via United States Postal Service only.  Once an order ships to a destination outside of the U.S., I can provide general tracking information via the Customs Declaration form we submit, but once it arrives to the destination country I have no idea how long it wll be held in customs or your local postal facility.  I can provide shipping dates and often dates when the shipment leaves the U.S.  If your country tracks the shipment, I may be able to provide that information, but it is not guaranteed.

On large orders, once I know exactly where the items are going, we can let you know whether or not we can ship to that particular country and exactly what the shipping costs are.  We do not collect GST, and you may have to be responsible for that on your end.

Payment: Western Union money transfer only for anything beyond personal orders.

Q:    Is Distilled Water good for me to drink?

A:    I have heard all kinds of controversy about distilled water - most everyone I know who is against it also happens to sell some type of water filtration device, oddly enough.  I marketed all kinds of water products in the late 1980's; water softeners, filters, reverse-osmosis and distillers.  I researched the products very well.  It is my personal belief that distillation is the best process to clean your water and that distilled water is the best you can drink - by virtue of the fact that it is simply pure water, H2O (2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom), or as close to pure as you can possibly get by processing it.  There is no 'Live' water or 'Dead' water.  If H2O is H2O, then it is H2O.  If it contains 3 Hydrogen atoms - it isn't water...  If water contains minerals or pesticides or some other ingredient, then it is 'water' with another ingredient in suspension.

When you filter water by any method, logic tells us that the first process is going to capture or filter out those particle claimed to be filtered out.  Do you think it will be as effective the 15th time, or the last time you use it before it needs to be replaced?  If the claim is to remove 99% of 'whatever' substances, do you think it is at 99% right on up to month 3?  By then that charcoal (or whatever type) filter, is LOADED with the crap it has removed.  Personally, I wouldn't want to drink water having passed through that sludge, nor feed it to my child - especially knowing that, with just one defect in the filter, now I'm pouring all that crap (I THOUGHT I WAS REMOVING) right into my glass.  Distillation IS NOT filtration.  Distillation is the process of converting the water to it's gaseous (vapor) state, converting it from the liquid state it was when it contained the minerals or crud which was in solution, trapping the water vapor, cooling it and converting back into a liquid state.  With distillation, you are not filtering out particles, you are removing the water from them.

Yes, but what about the minerals I'm now NOT getting?

Eat properly and get the minerals in correct form from your fruits, meats and vegetables AND a good supplement.

This information is presented by the OraMedia web site for dental self sufficiency, based on the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara.  More information on preventive dentistry and proper oral health care can be found by clicking here.

Two of Dr. Nara's books, "Money by the Mouthful - what you should know about the health of your mouth and body... that no doctor is going to tell you!" and "How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient" are also available from the OraMedia site.

Both books are available via email as a package and should be read together to get a good understanding of how to save 'dental dollars' as well as how to save your teeth and gums from 'inevitable' decay and loss.

The OraMedia site also offers hard-to-locate products for use in your new oral health program from home.  It is suggested, however, that the reader study the material from Dr. Nara's books and the material published at  the OraMedia site (and other preventive dentistry sites) to get a better understanding of the purpose and use of these products in order to make an intelligent and informed purchase.

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