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Purpose & Goals...

The following statement is taken from the original PDA Network Newsletter #1, Spring, 1984.  I have no knowledge of how long the People's Dental Association remained in existence back then.  The newsletters discontinued being dated and were simply numbered instead.  The issues went to #10 and came out quarterly, so I am assuming that the original PDA lasted about 2-1/2 years, probably wrapping up around mid 1986...

"The goal of the PDA is to help people avoid any dental care for life. The scientific community has provided ALL of the knowledge to accomplish this goal... and yet the masses suffer toothaches, abscesses, loose teeth, infected gums, etc.  Seems a shame, doesn't it?  To accomplish our goal: no more pain, no more expense - much must be done.
The first task at hand is to find out what the public really wants. That's where YOU come in. Your input is desperately needed. Any thoughts that you have are welcomed... any ideas you have need to be a part of the PDA.

"As an example, does the public really want quality care from a dentist? (assuming that dental treatment is necessary... the old way).  If you have personally ever had a complaint against a dentist... you already know that it's almost impossible to be heard in any fashion. Who do you complain to: the local dental society? the State Board of Dentistry? All run by dentists, right? Did you get fair treatment regarding your complaint? Of course not!

"The PDA has researched this matter... ln the one hundred year history of so called peer review of dentists in this country, NO dentist has ever been found guilty of extracting teeth that "Could have been saved"! And yet one dentist interviewed bragged of doing three million extractions in his lifetime.

"The American Dental Association is one of the ten most powerful lobbying groups in the country. What do they lobby for: lower dental fees? More preventive type dental care? Or to protect the financial interests of its members?

"That's why we need your help. Until now, before the PDA, no one, no organization offered a cohesive force to defend the rights of the public when it comes to receiving proper treatment from a dentist. The only viable recourse was an individual lawsuit, which was out of the question for most folks. So they just suffered, paid the bill, and became the loser.

"The PDA and its consultants NOW offer for the first time, an alternative to "suffering in silence."  IF, as this EXAMPLE shows, this is something the public wants... then PDA will make it a top priority item.  If not, then please give us your input, so we know what to concentrate on.  Write to us, call us, send us clippings or articles.  The PDA promises to consider each and every suggestion... We will leave no stones unturned!

"Let's hear from you."

Since setting up the OraMedia site in 1997 I've had numerous inquiries about the PDA, in fact, Dr. Nara suggested that I bring it back.  At the time, however, I was too unfamiliar with what the PDA could achieve, but since being involved with OraMedia I have a little better idea of what COULD be accomplished as an organization:
The establishment of a network of dentists truly willing to partner with patients on preventive dentistry ala Nara, Keyes, Meinig, Price, and others.

The dissemination of material to others, informing them of the real values to the mouth and rest of the body of good oral health and how to achieve that.

The dissemination of the truth about root canal surgery, unnecessary root canals and alternatives to root canals.

Joining the mercury amalgam and water fluoridation fights

Giving individuals the knowledge and courage to speak intelligently about oral health with their dentists.

This short list above are a few of my ideas, but I'd be interested in hearing from others who want to add to this list.  There are things that have to be accomplished...
An organization must be built.

Material must be printed and disseminated.

Publicity must be created.

Posts must be staffed - volunteers must come on board.

Professional affiliation must be established.

Legal representation must be established.

And, of course, funds must be raised.

My first project, therefore, will be fundraising - and any ideas the reader would like to extend would be most welcome.  I've started off with one idea, thanks to Chet Day and Carmen Sheppard.  I have created an 'Affiliate Program' for the sales of Dr. Nara's books, 'Money by the Mouthful', 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient' and possibly some others.  This program can be implemented immediately by signing on, promoting the books through your own web site, newsletter or e-mail.  It pays the 'Affiliate' a generous 50% of each sale.  To look into this program, please visit the Affiliate's page.  Again, any other ideas for types of fundraising activities are encouraged.

When the funds are available to do so, we'll procure legal representation and look into non-profit organization status.

This is the beginning and your help is needed.

Purpose & Goals | History | Dr. Nara | Memberships | Your Support | Discussion Group | Affiliate Program