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Thank you for looking into the PDA Affiliate Program.  This program is very simple compared to other types of Affiliate or Associate programs...

We are offering you a 50% commission (minus costs) on sales generated for Dr. Nara's, 'Money by the Mouthful' and 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient' when the buyer purchases them as a download from our site for $19.95. (Price decrease 7/4/03)

The concept here is that by becoming an Affiliate and promoting the books through your web site, newsletter or e-mail signature files, sales of the books will help finance the furtherance of the People's Dental Association and the OraMedia site (see 'Purpose & Goals').

Here's how it works:

That's it!  When you have finished, you'll be brought back to the PDA site where you'll find links for helpful promotion activities. 
You will be paid a full 50% commission (minus ClickBank charges) for each sale of Dr. Nara's books tracked back to you.   Each sale is tracked to you by a code in your link provided by ClickBank

Note:  Sale must be made through ClickBank to be commissionable.  We do not monitor our affiliates and have no record of our affiliates.  This is all handled through ClickBank.  If you become an affiliate, please send an e-mail to and simply let us know.  Note:  We do not support spamming or sales of these books in any other manner than from web site links, links in newsletters or e-mail.  Prices are subject to change from time to time to reflect marketing efforts.  Since we are unable to track our affiliates due to the nature of the ClickBank program, it is the responsibility of the affiliate to check the site from time to time to keep abreast of changes in the offers of these books.

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Thank you,
Tom Cornwell

Purpose & Goals | History | Dr. Nara | Memberships | Your Support | Discussion Group | Affiliate Program