The Dirtiest Story In Town

We're going to tell you a dirty story, because your health may depend on hearing it. You see, through known history, mankind has suffered from a serious problem. This almost certainly includes you.

 Me...? --Problem??

What problem??

Why of course: The old, inevitable problem of cavities, pyorrhea (bad gums) and - sooner or later false teeth.

 ...back up, please...

 Did you say, "inevitable?" --That's Right.

No, that's wrong!

The single most important contribution made by Dr. Robert O. Nara and Oramedics in the past 25 years is to prove that these problems can be prevented and quite often --usually-- can be cured!


Are you getting suspicious? --We don't blame you. After all, what kind of nut would make such claims? Prevent dental disease? --Heal dental disease?
...Aw, come on!

 Only a "nut" with scientific proof positive and 25 years of successful experience could make such a claim. It would also take a special kind of "nut" who has the keys to a hidden message. Let's unlock the mystery...

 This will take some imagination on your part. First, try to visualize the tiny spaces between your teeth; then the small space where the teeth meet the gums. We can help a little: Your dentist calls this gum space the gingival crevice and, when it's healthy, it's about one or two millimeters deep. That's about 1/16th of an inch.

 It's important for you to know this because this tiny space between teeth and gums is the primary home of all dental disease. This is where it all begins...

 Now: Pretend that you are a microbe, sitting at the bottom of a gingival crevice. It's like sitting in a deep ditch, us microbes...the Grand Canyon. You've been there for several days and intend to make it your lifetime home.

 It's a perfect residence. It's warm (98.6); it's moist (the way us thin-skinned microbes like it), and there is a never-ending supply of food filtering down from the mouth above. Most important of all, there is no oxygen down here. Our world is called anaerobic because, to put it bluntly, contact with oxygen --normal atmosphere-- would kill us instantly.
So everything is almost perfect, except... where do we "go?" Where's the rest rooms?

--There aren't any. And, if we crawl out of our crevice home it's all over: There's oxygen up there! You've heard people say they have to "go" so bad it's killing them... but this is ridiculous!

 So there is no choice but to do it right here. Same thing tomorrow. Same thing the next day. Boy--this crevice is going to be one helluva mess before long!
(You've got that right!)

 Are you still with us...?

 Some folks have quit reading because the story got just a little too dirty. Well, we apologize, but it's a true story, and the dirty facts are necessary to your understanding of dental disease. If you are brave enough to stay with us, you could become one of the small number who no longer suffer continuing dental problems. For example: If you've ever had bad breath you now have a better understanding of what probably caused it...

 Let's hope that, by now, someone has convinced you to brush away residual food debris at least once a day. Let's also hope you regularly clean between your teeth with dental tape. If so, good for you! You may very well have achieved an oral environment without extensive dental disease.

 However: There's another step; and step three is a must. Once-daily use of an air and water squirting device will flush out all of your gingival crevice areas. To have a healthy mouth, microbes and their waste products (poop) --which are toxins (poison) must be flushed daily (no pun intended).

 Oral irrigation is probably the only way to clean bacteria and toxins from the gingival crevice. You should know also that these nasty things happen anywhere in the mouth where the bad guys can hide out from oxygen: Between teeth, and in the tiny grooves, pits and fissures of tooth surfaces. It's a good rule of thumb that any area of the mouth which readily becomes and easily remains anaenobic usually cannot be completely cleaned by brushing and flossing or taping.

 A good oral irrigation device does more than pump jets or bursts of water: In between each water pulse there's also a small air blast. Remember what that burst of oxygen does to the bugs --it's like putting them in a gas chamber.

 Brushing and flossing or taping are important, but recent research (available from Oramedics upon request) concludes that irrigating is almost certainly the most beneficial for your oral health.


Anyone who has developed loose gum tissue to the point where periodontal pockets have formed--any gingival crevice deeper than about 1/16th of an inch --needs a special tip that has been developed recently to fit the WaterPik. This tip helps to clean deeper; necessary when pockets have formed from gum disease.

 Millions of people have periodontal pockets and don't know it! In fact, 80% of all 13-year-olds already have pockets beginning to form! Gum disease...not cavities the most serious dental problem... the most prevalent disorder in this country... and the one which leads to almost all adult tooth loss. That's bad enough, but many medical authorities are convinced that more than 80% of all health disorder probably originates in an unhealthy mouth.

 In mouths where pockets have formed, the elongated special Water Pik cannulae attachment tip helps flush such spaces when the conventional Water Pik tip cannot. These unique tips have saved many people from having expensive, painful and often unnecessary gum tissue surgery.

 If you have the slightest suspicion that such a situation may exist in your mouth, please don't fail to obtain the special bulletin, The Amazing New Oramedics Water Tip, available free from Oramedics International.

 Our apologies if the story you just read sometimes seemed a bit gross. All too often, people need to know the truth and professionals mask it with big words and high sounding phrases. You may have suspected from time to time that doctors (and other professionals) "talk shop" to you intending to confuse or intimidate you with their knowledge... or to cover up their own possible misgivings about their understanding of your case.

 Oramedics is interested in one thing, and one thing only: Your personal freedom from dental disease. If our telling you a dirty story contributes in any way to your oral well-being, then we don't have to apologize. We're not trying to offend you; we wish to befriend you.

 We urge you: Please consider the value, to your family's oral health, and obtain a Water Pik if you haven't already. If you have one, feel free to write for pamphlets which can help increase its effectiveness. Proper use of this device can make your teeth look cleaner, your breath smell wholesome and natural, and your mouth feel as fresh as the outdoors after a summer rain shower.

 And--while it's doing all of this--oral irrigation can help guarantee freedom from dental disease and all of the pain, problems and expense that follows.

 The special Water Pik cannulae attachment tip for helping to correct existing gum disease problems, was designed by Oramedics International with the cooperation of Teledyne WaterPik. It is presently available only from Oramedics*. Because it uses surgical-grade components and is manufactured to exacting standards, it makes a WaterPik more valuable.

Benefits of the New Special Water Tip (cannula tip):

1. May very well eliminate the need for gum surgery.
2. Will help to create conditions that allow new bone to grow back, tightening loose teeth.
3. Generally stops abnormal recession and allows gums to grow back to a normal healthy condition.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Oramedics discontinued supplying oral irrigation products in 1985. OraMedia is happy to announce that we are offering a full line of oral irrigation products, including the Via-jet (in place of the Water Pik), a superior oral irrigator from OraTec, the cannulae tips for deep oral irrigation, TheraSol antimicrobial mouth rinses, EcoDenT's "Daily Care" tooth powder, and other supplies you may need for proper oral hygiene. We have a new PRODUCTS page at this site. Thank you for your patience!

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