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What is  the OraMedia Newsletter?

The OraMedia Newsletter for Dental Self Sufficiency began in 1997 to promote oral health and the placing of it back into the hands of the individual.  We focus on more individual responsibility and less 'professional' dental responsibility for this end.  The OraMedia site and newsletter is primarily based on the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara.

The OraMedia Newsletter has a readership of just under 7500 subscribers (03/10/10), and though small, it is a highly targeted list of individuals with superior knowledge of the issues surrounding oral health; root canals, tooth and gum decay, inflamation, systemic diseases, etc.  We have above average Open and Click-Through Rates.  Please study the site to get a better understanding of what we are acheiving.  The newsletter is issued approximately 3 times per month.  See past issues at here.

Advertizing in the OraMedia Newsletter must relate to oral health or to the overall health of the body.  We do not accept ads from dental offices promoting conventional restorative work and acceptance of any advertizing is left to the discretion of the publisher.

  • Regular Ad: $100/Issue  (Included along sidebar of Newsletter), minimum 3 issues, paid in advance.  Size:  238 X 66px, customer supplied artwork.
  • Horizontal Banner: $200/Issue (Within Newsletter, between articles), minimum 3 issues, paid in advance.  Size:  580 X 66px, customer supplied artwork.
Quantity discounts available.  Please inquire.

We enjoy a high rate of readership and a much higher-than-normal clickthrough rate. 

Address questions, request sample newsletter: publisher.


Call 1-843-278-0267 (MC, VISA, Discover, AMEX).  Please call between 9am -5pm, M-F.  Payment must be made with placement for the following 3 issues.

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