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Venus, Mars & Oral Hygiene

Better hygiene for women??    An interesting article recently published by E-dental.com (5/11/04) says that women have better hygiene habits than men.  The article, based on a 2003 American Dental Association survey, 'Oral Health of the U.S. Population,' lauds women for being more attentive to their teeth and gums than men.  However...

    According to Dr. Billy Sue Kyger, past president of the Ohio Dental Association, women's teeth aren't any better than men's teeth!  Even though women brush more often and are more likely to have a dentist than men are - their teeth aren't any better.  What does this say about professional intervention and the 'quality' of hygiene...?

    Those of you who've read Dr. Nara's books, 'Money by the Mouthful,' How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient' and 'The 7 Factors Transcript' probably already know that seeing your dentist isn'y going to give you better teeth.  You already know that the average person brushes for 37 seconds, spits out the foam and considers the job done.  This article creates 'news' about the fact that women are more attentive to their oral hygiene, yet at the same time tells us that it is in vain!  I wonder it the marketing people who issued this story actually caught the message they were sending to the rest of us.

    Dr. Nara said for a long time that the professionals aren't 'getting it.'  I seriously wondered about his stance for a long time - I mean, after all, these are professionals we're talking about!  Surely they know what is going on!  Well, after reading this article, I certainly understand that Bob Nara was right. 

    In the booklet, 'Research Advocates Oramedics,' Nara wrote,

    "Prevention, as apparently viewed by conventional dentistry, is a concept - perhaps an ideal, but not a genuine goal.  The profession often preaches prevention, rarely teaches prevention and almost never achieves prevention."

    "Conventional dentists refuse to believe that the public can adequately understand prevention or that they will expend useful, continued effort toward achieving freedom from dental disease.

    "The profession’s public posture is to preach oral hygiene and endorse school programs and water fluoridation.  In private practices, however, dentists continue to repair disease-damaged teeth until the cumulative result becomes total failure.  The victim’s teeth are replaced with dentures, mocking all of the previous anguish and expense.

    "Millions of dollars are spent every year in this country to repair or replace damaged, diseased teeth.  Very little is expended to eradicate the cause.5  Manufacturers, distributors, advertisers and others associated with dentistry derive the bulk of their incomes from merchandise or services aimed at repair and replacement of symptoms.

    "Dental Currents again:  “It is, after all, threatening to be told that you earn your living correcting what you could have prevented in the first place.”

    "Disregarding motives, morals and public statements, the empirical result of conventional dentistry’s cumulative bequest to this nation is that 98 out of 100 have dental disease now."

Saving your teeth and gums from disease and decay should be one of your very serious purposes where your overall health is concerned, as well as the overall health of your family.  That women pay more attention to this than men - I can attest to that, since I do hear more from women than men.  Now, however, we need to get the job done right and that means knowing how to do the job right and taking action to see the right job gets done.  -Tom Cornwell

Booklet:  Research Advocates Oramedics

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