Of course you want your teeth to be as clean as possible.  When teeth are not clean, they can lose
enamel due to
oral pathogens such as strep mutans.  Too much lost enamel in a specific spot may
result in a cavity.  As a cavity
progresses, the decay goes deeper into the enamel and into the dentin
and further into the nerve chamber, where
the vitality of the tooth's nerve is threatened, may become
infected and die.  The only options then are root canal treat
ment or extraction.  Other oral pathogens
may take up residence below the gum-line, between the tooth and gum.

Left on their own, they can destroy the connective tissue between the tooth and gum creating more
severe stages of
'gum' or 'periodontal disease.'  Not only is gum disease a threat to the health of
your teeth and gums, but can severly
affect your overall health.  The ONLY way to effectively prevent tooth decay and gum disease is by thorough and frequent cleaning of the teeth and gums.
Unfortunately, you cannot do the entire job with a tooth
brush alone - it is impossible to get very far in between the teeth or beneath the gum-line that way.  Those serious about oral hygiene must al-
so irrigate the teeth in order to effectively clean between them and under
the gumline to prevent and stop the growth or oral pathogens.  Since you cannot go to the dental office for a professional
cleaning on a daily basis, you MUST do the best job that you can on your own.

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