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Stages of Periodontal  Disease
If you want to know just what is considered good and bad states of oral health and how you measure up, this might be a good place to start...

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How Bacteria Communicate

Fascinating and very entertaining video lecture by Bonnie Bassler, molecular biologist.

Dr. Robert O. Nara

How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient

Simple, Easy Techniques to keep you out of the dental office
.                  December, 2009

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The book that exposed the dental profession & showed millions the road to dental self sufficiency!
Money by the Mouthful by Dr. Robert O. Nara
by Dr. Robert O. Nara

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Why is there a failure to communicate between the dentist and the patient?

The Missing Link
by Dr. Robert O. Nara

Roughly 20 years ago I began to realize that the dental profession had a certain "void" about it...a certain shortcoming or missing link. I fought with this uncertainty for years, trying first to grasp the real problem, then trying whatever solution that came to mind in a sort of guessing game of trying to come up with a solution before really understanding the problem. (Not an approved method by the way.)

Nothing seemed to really click for me in fathoming this enigma. The only thing that "seemed" to make any sense was to keep studying - more "home work". Study the literature. This will help me somehow, if not immediately, then hopefully sometime in the future. For a long time this effort seemed chaotic and fruitless. Finally a vague picture began to appear to me that, what was "known" was not "practiced". I began to write. The more I wrote the clearer the picture began to be. Dentistry was a fine profession, my education very thorough, and A.D.A. a pillar of the community and pride of the profession. But, the missing link was a loss of transmission of scientific knowledge about "prevention" to the profession. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is useless.

Then it happened... a magazine on my desk... American Health May, '85, page 24 "The Tooth Report"... the last line of the page... there it was for God and everybody to see: Opinion Research Corporation report in the A.D.A. Journal states - "You've got to start with a better flow of information from the lab (scientists) to the practioner."

That's IT! Years before I had written this very statement, and not only that, Prentice Hall Publishers had published the whole message in a textbook on practice management using prevention (stopping the cause) as the backbone or cornerstone of a really successful practice. Not only that but the bibliography of the text... prepared from hundreds and hundreds of articles and abstracts, was a compilation of the 27 best articles that proved that the cause of decay and gum problems can be stopped.

Harry W. O'Neill, president of the Opinion Research Corporation, is telling the public that flow of information is the answer... "lt's in the book" which is published by Prentice Hall.

Therefore... No American dentist can use the excuse that the KNOWLEDGE is not available to them. In fact, all of the difficult effort has already been done. The Prentice Hall book on Oramedics documents all of the necessary research and puts it together in a specific program, ready to deliver to the public. The Oramedics program is all designed so that it's primarily carried out by dental assistants and/or hygienists... the dentist doesn't have to do much of anything except to give the book to his staff and have them take over and perform it!

The dentist will also find it very profitable because people exposed to the truth, for a change, will send all of their friends and relatives... No one wants bad teeth and big dental bills, not to mention the fear, so it's the best practice builder in the world. If you know of an open minded dentist who wishes to know about how to obtain a copy of this dental office procedural manual that will give his or her patients such wonderful benefits have them contact Oramedics, 47525 Bootjack Road, Lake Linden, MI 49945.

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