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"I have learned more from your web site and Dr. Nara's
books than in 30 years of going to the dentist.  I am now disseminating this information to my children and also to my clients, as I'm a consultant for natural healing.
  The truth shall set us free. Thank you for consistently working on doing just that."

Pam H., Naples, FL

Visual display of the progression of periodonal, or 'gum' disease.Visual:
Stages of Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Bonnie BrasslerVideo:
How Bacteria Communicate
Fascinating and very  entertaining TED video lecture by renown molecular biologist, Bonnie Bassler, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert O. NaraAudio:
How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient 

In his eye-opening interview, Dr. Robert Nara discusses the politics of dentistry and the ease in which we could change the direction of our oral health and wellness for the better, by changing the way we look at the disease process.   With host, Patrick Timpone. Broadcast December 3, 2009.

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Healing bad teeth & gum disease is EASY...

Once you know HOW!

"In 30 years of practicing dentistry, I've learned that there are some amazing factors about getting cavities and having gum problems that the PUBLIC DOES NOT KNOW.

Suffering cavities
and/or gum problems is a communicable disease... you catch it from someone else by kissing, using contaminated eating or drinking utensils, etc.

It is as easy to cure
it as it is to catch it ...it's really simple, you just need to know what's happening and what to do about it.

was first identified and related to the public in a book published in Philadelphia in 1819... bacterial colonies being allowed to grow out of hand, at the neck of the tooth.  It's like ring around the collar... or "neck of the tooth disease".

When people "get with it"
by daily eliminating the cause... the body heals itself.  The body regrows new healthy gums, calcium and phosphorus are deposited in areas of soft enamel and dentin, thus healing cavities. This is not so amazing to the many folks who already know, that given the chance... the body heals itself. This includes all tissues. Cavities can be made to heal, new bone will grow around the necks of loose teeth, and brand new gums will grow to replace diseased and receeded gums.

"Someday, hopefully soon, the dental profession will become extinct... it will happen as soon as the public learns about the cause and cure of cavities and gum problems. No one I've ever known in over 30 years has not wanted to solve their own problems...
once they know how."

Sincerely,  Robert O. Nara, D.D.S.        

The OraMedia site
is a compilation of material gathered from a variety of sources, originally based on the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara.  This material is provided to assist in arming individuals with the tools to assume greater responsibility for their own oral health.

Much of the material found here is NEVER be imparted by dentists.

The reader will want to bookmark this site, share it with friends and family and refer back frequently for updates.
Science is now indicating that saving your teeth from gum disease can also prevent other systemic diseases.  This is good knowledge to have and something to take very seriously.  Next

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