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  The OraMedia site is based, primarily, on the vast collection of work produced by Dr. Robert O. Nara on the prevention and reversal of tooth decay and gum disease. The purpose of this site is to continue in raising public awareness that the condition of having bad teeth, gum inflam-
mation, bleeding and pain are not inevitable, but quite easily avoidable when the cause and cure of the disease is understood by the individual - and the teeth properly cared for.

Contact Information

Please address all inquiries to:

Tom Cornwell
171 Waccamaw Medical Park Ct.
Conway, SC  29526

(Please limit inquiries to questions about product or protocol information. I will try my best to answer your them.  However... I keep no list of dental professionals who treat like Dr. Nara.  I am not a dental professional and cannot advise you on your condition, nor can I give out  Dr. Nara's personal contact information or contact him on your behalf
Yes, I have heard of Weston Price, oil pulling and Dr. Judd on glycerine.)

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