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The OraMedia site is based, primarily, on the vast collection of work produced by Dr. Robert O. Nara on the prevention and reversal of tooth decay and gum disease. The purpose of this site is to continue in raising public awareness that the condition of having bad teeth, gum inflam-
mation, bleeding and pain are not inevitable, but quite easily avoidable when the cause and cure of the disease is understood by the individual - and the teeth properly cared for.

About OraMedia

I first learned of Oramedics International when I read the interview with Dr. Robert Nara appearing in THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS, back in 1979.  My wife at the time, and I both applied the program and found it not only invaluable, but exactly what Dr. Nara described. Over the years, I lost track of Dr. Nara and Oramedics, but in 1996 I found a single mention after searching the internet.  I finally did contact the Nara's and learned that Oramedics had been scaled down for various reasons.

Dr. Nara retired from dental practice in 1983 and no longer treats patients, although he still writes, lectures and remains very active closer to his home in Michigan's beautiful Upper Penninsula.

Because of my strong interest, I was granted permission to 'carry the torch', so to speak, and help rekindle the dissemination efforts of the works begun by Dr. Nara.  My choice of media being the internet for various reasons.

Although the information throughout this site remains valid, products are no longer being distributed by the Nara's or through Oramedics...

You can still get 'Money by the Mouthful' and 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient' here.

Also, any requests for information or comments about the program can be forwarded to OraMedia.
There is an abundance of information available at this site, although we are being supported by sales of the few books and products being made available as the work progresses.

Thank you for your support!
Tom Cornwell / OraMedia