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Accelerated Self-Healing

Two Hygienists Chime in on Oil Pulling

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People who understand the decay/healing process know that it is a whole lot easier for  tooth enamel to lose mineral content than it is to re-absorb those same minerals, repairing the damage from the loss.

Due to the several factors involved in the process of re-mineralizing, everything must come together at the right place with perfect timing...another one of nature's delicate balancing acts.

One thing you can do to help out is to keep the surface of the tooth clean - right down to the microscopic level - where it all takes place.

We believe that using our Nara Cleansing Powder is an excellent way in helping you to achieve that.

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© Luis Santos - Fotolia.com People keep asking me,
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how do I use this stuff?"

Welcome to another OraMedia Newsletter. 

   Dentist at work (© Nejron Photo - Fotolia.com) When you think about the type of work that dentists do to fix problems with your teeth and gums, it doesn't seem like the profession has really advanced all that much over the past hundred years or so.  Certainly there have been improvements in the dentist's tools and materials, but the basic procedures and 'final products' tend to remain the same.


    Tooth decay, for example; dig out the decay, fill in the hole, hope they do it properly so the filling doesn't leak.  Sure, there are lasers which might do a better job at cleaning decayed enamel and newer materials to replace the old silver-mercury amalgams, but they are still 'drilling and filling,' essentially.


    Of course, we have been promoting the concept of self-healing and doing the best we can to avoid the dentist in the first place. Even so, there are dentists who still scoff at the idea that the teeth and gums have the ability to heal themselves, under any conditions.


    In the next few years those same dentists may well be eating their words and treating decayed teeth with an 'accelerated self-healing' technique while their drills are sitting in the back room collecting dust.


    This procedure is real, it works and removes 'Modern Dentistry' from the oxymoron list.

On with it.


Read about 'Accelerated Self-Healing'

Why your beef may NOT be grass-fed at all...

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Each time you invest more money to buy healthier beef, there’s a chance that you end up getting less quality than what you paid for.

How To Make Sure Your Grass-Fed Beef Is, In Fact, Grass-Fed
By: Nick Pineaul,  Creator and Author of
The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

You probably already know that grass-fed beef has nothing to do with its feedlot-raised, grain-fed cousin that’s sold in supermarkets on the nutritional side.

In fact, grass-fed beef contains 2 to 4 times more omega-3 (essential fatty acids), 4 times more vitamin A and E, a lot more conjugated linoleic acid/CLA (a natural fat burner), and less fat and calories per pound than regular grain-fed beef you buy at the supermarket.

Grass-fed animals are considerably healthier than grain-fed ones, which means that farmers don’t have to use part of the 15 million pounds of antibiotics used on grain-fed cattle just to prevent them from getting sick.

Obviously, buying quality meat becomes a great idea to improve your own health and support local farms that care about animals.

So what label claim do you look for at your local Whole Foods to find grass-fed beef?

Turns out it’s really not that clear.

In the last couple of years, the labeling regulations have changed quite a lot in the beef industry. But of course, very few customers know that.

Nowadays, manufacturers are able to sell grass-fed beef that has been “grain-finished” as 100% grass-fed beef.

The problem is: some farmers will feed their cattle grass for most of their lifespan, but “finish” them with grains in the last months before sending them to the slaughterhouse.

Because the last 90 to 160 days of diet determine how much nutrition your big, juicy steak will contain, this process removes any benefits the initial grass diet might have had.

The bottom line: your beef needs to be both grass-fed and grass-finished to contain all the nutrition it’s supposed to.

But because those claims are still not regulated by the USDA, your best insurance is to develop a relationship with a farmer that raises beef the right way.

This will give you confidence that you’re buying the right kind.

Learn the REAL truth about the food you eat.

I decided to leave this article (from the last newsletter) up since it is important to understand how we can so easily be decieved.  Take the principles presented and apply them whenever you are digging for the truth.

How Big Pharma and the Media Sell Junk Science

Alliance for Natural Health
April 22, 2014

SpinHere’s how to spot Big Pharma’s spin on both supplements and drugs—and where you can get the truth.

You’ve seen the headlines: “Fish Oil Supplements Can Kill!” and “New Cancer-Fighting Wonder Drug!” These days, it seems the mainstream media is always screaming about the latest study “proving” that supplements are bad and drugs are good. But more often than not, the “research” behind these headlines has been funded, manipulated, and packaged by Big Pharma.

Here are some of industry’s (and the mainstream media’s) favorite ways to distort science:

  • Publication bias. About half of all drug trials aren’t made publicly available, and positive findings are twice as likely to be published as negative findings for the same drug. So if a drug is harmful or doesn’t work, you’ll probably never hear about it. Conversely, if results are negative or can be made negative for supplements, which are thought to compete with drugs, you will certainly hear about it.
  • “Seeding” trials. Should a study designed by the marketing department really be cited as scientific evidence? Big Pharma has been known to disguise marketing schemes as legitimate drugs trials (the most well-known example of this is Vioxx’s ADVANTAGE trial). The funding of negative supplement studies is often obscured, but we can guess where the money is coming from.
  • Ghostwritten studies. Many “independent” studies are designed, conducted, and analyzed by drug companies—and then published under a physician’s name. In the case of supplements, researchers biased against supplements can readily be found, although the same names appear over and over again.
  • “Perfect” patients. Study results can also be manipulated by choosing patients who you know in advance will demonstrate the outcome desired—for example, by giving patients with no nutrient deficiencies a multivitamin, and then concluding that supplements don’t make them healthier.
  • Deceptively low doses. What’s an easy way to “prove” a dietary supplement has no impact on human health? Give it in such low doses that the result you want is guaranteed.    Continued...

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Accelerated Self-Healing
Accelerated Self-Healing

Last month, mid-June, The Washington Post reported on a new treatment for tooth decay, developed by researchers at King's College London.  The 'treatment' takes advantage of the body's natural ability for teeth to heal themselves, but speeds up that healing process. The procedure...

Say WHAT?!

Treatment that facilitates natural tooth healing?

This was my immediate reaction to reading the Washinton Post story concerning the work of researchers, Professor Nigel Pitts and Dr. Chris Longbottom, based in the Dental Professor Nigel PittsInstitute at King's College London. Their procedure involves applying a small, imperceptible electrical current to the site on the tooth's surface, which has lost more mineral content than it has taken in during it's natural process of leaching and absorbing calcium and phosphorus ions.

The site of this imbalanced loss of minerals is commonly referred to as a carious lesion, or cavity.

The electrical current is utilized in such a way as to accelerate the Dr. Chris Longbottombody's natural process of mineral absorption (re-mineralization), thereby allowing the tooth to heal as it naturally would -- only much faster.  The technique is known as Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER).

Normally, a dentist would locate the site of the lesion, or cavity, drill out the decay which surrounds it and fill it with either an amalgam or composite material in order to fill in the 'hole'.

According to Professor Pitts, "The way we treat teeth today is not ideal – when we repair a tooth by putting in a filling, that tooth enters a cycle of drilling and re-filling as, ultimately, each 'repair' fails."

Pitts and Longbottom have formed an enterprise known as Reminova, Ltd., based in Scotland, and expect to bring the technique to the European market within three years. Having it available to the U.S. market is expected to take longer, due to 'a different regulatory climate'.

Obviously, keeping the teeth in such an optimal state, where tooth decay simply does not occur, would be ideal and we should strive for that. Unfortunately, and despite the profession's best efforts at preventing it, tooth decay is epidemic and winning out.

While we wait on EAER to start going mainstream, we're going to have to rely on the body's natural process of re-mineralization, which you can help by keeping your teeth...


Oil Pulling: Two Prominent Registered Dental Hygienists Share Their Thoughts

I really never put much stock in oil pulling.  I've tried it but found that it was a little too time consuming and inconvenient, however, I didn't feel I could make a call with no amount of empirical evidence.  I do have a long-time customer who swears by it, or did, anyway.

I recently came across the following video discussion on the topic by two highly regarded hygiene professionals and decided to settle in and watch the talk.  I found it very enlightening and unbiased.

The video discussion includes Lory Laughter, RDH, and Nancy Burkhart, RDH, who both write columns for RDH magazine, have based recent columns on the trend of oil pulling as a home care therapy.

Lory Laughter, RDH, and Nancy Burkhart, RDH, who both write columns for RDH magazine, have based recent columns on the trend of oil pulling as a home care therapy.

RDH magazine recently hosted the two columnists for a panel discussion on oil pulling. Watch the video above.

Nancy Burkhart
Nancy Burkhart is the author of
the “Oral Exam” column in RDH.
To view her column on oil pulling, click here.

Lory Laughter
Lory Laughter is the author of
the “Web Weaving” column in RDH.
To view her columns on oil pulling, click here and here.