OraMedia - Dental Self-Sufficiency Vol. 1, No. 3 3/24/97
"Promoting the self-help methods in the fight against
'periodontal (gum) disease' and related disorders"
Based on the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara


The mail is increasing. We're getting lots of nice letters from folks all over. Hits to the site are at an all-time high and we are seeing many new ones from Japan, UK, Italy and Finland.

We're also getting some mail from dentists which gives me some fuel for this issue...


If you've visited the OraMedia site and really got into reading some of the information provided, you may have noticed that Dr. Nara gets pretty hot with the dental profession because they fail to do the job when it comes to getting their patients geared toward dealing with proper oral hygiene.

I've been getting letters from dentists all over who are crying the blues and telling me that what I'm posting is unfair - they DO teach prevention, but that patients just won't do it on their own. I read that YOU folks are too stupid, too lazy and too careless to really do anything about your own oral health. One dentist from England told me that he begs his pa- tients to brush properly, use disclosing tablets, floss, etc. But they just won't do it.

They say they are getting the message across, but you are ignoring it. I say that with the money behind the denture industry ($30 BILLION industry), the money in the surgery specialty industry, and the lack of money in the PREVENTION business, the odds are you are meant to be kept in the frame of mind that gum disease, root canals and other restorative work is inevitable and a fact of life. That the entire dental profession is geared toward 'treating symptoms' is testament to that.

Dr. Nara writes that given the proper incentives, the individual will change his/her oral hygiene habits very easily and without a great deal of effort to properly and effectively wipe out a disease in your mouth that the dental industry banks on. The average individual will spend over seventeen times the money on re- storative dental work and dentures in his/her life- time than he/she would on simple prevention. Nara also states that the individual will add ten years to his/her lifespan with proper hygiene and avoiding dentures.

In many cases, when a person reaches 40, the person simply 'gives up', electing for dentures rather than the burdensome investment needed for bridgework, root canals, etc.

We need to recognize our 'Madison Avenue' view- points on oral health. One doctor agreed that this view puts people into a false 'lull' that using 'Beta-Gel with microwondercleansing crystals' is being even remotely effective in fighting peri- odontal disease. Read the little box by the ADA on the back of your toothpaste. I would like ONE person to write and tell me the brand of toothpaste where the ADA says it has been found to be effective in reducing or fighting periodontal disease. Yet we are comfortable in our purchasing decisions...

Let's not think in terms or 'whiter, brighter teeth'. That will come with your fight against the disease. Understanding the disease and understanding how to wipe it out should be paramount to concerns over vanity - a great smile will come as a result of dealing with the disease, but not vice-versa.

Please visit the site, read and learn how to beat gum disease and keep your teeth. It really isn't hard to understand and deal with. Then you can keep your money in your pocket, instead of making the next three payments on your dentist's Mercedes Benz...


I had to laugh... One doctor told me that he 'ONLY' makes as much as a plumber or electrician after expenses.

In further correspondence we learn that he is basing this on UNION scale 'a' in New York City, which is around $50/hr., or at least $104k per year - NET!!


Please keep sending feedback on the info at the site, experiences you've had, etc.

If you have friends you would like to have receive this newsletter, please forward the addresses to me at: OraMedia@juno.com


Finally, I have searched the internet looking for other sites devoted to prevention. I found one other one, but there are dead links and it hasn't been up- dated since last November other than to list a few links to other sites. I am concluding that OraMedia must be pretty unique!

There are a lot of sites devoted to dental amalgam (that stuff that makes up your fillings), and dealing with the issue of 'poisonous' mercury content therein. OraMedia is not going into that, as we are about prevention. However, I have provided a new page with links to sites dealing with the issue, because it should not be ignored. For those of us who've had to settle with 'silver' fillings (I TOLD Mom I wanted GOLD!, darn it!), these sites should be of interest. Amalgam is the hot topic of dentistry on the internet.


Thank you, and have a good week.


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