The Gum Disease Conspiracy

In a recent report published by the dental profession, the blame for so much gum disease was placed squarely on the country's dentists. The headline of the report is: "Periodontal Disease in America: a Personal and National Tragedy."

This recently published dental bulletin clearly states that, "almost all Americans, except the millions who already wear false teeth, have gum disease!"

The price tag for this disease is in the billions... mostly for extractions and false teeth. A 1980 survey by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concluded that only 5% of dentists' time is spent in attempting to treat gum disease and yet the majority of all teeth that are pulled (or fall out) are lost due totally to gum disease! A study conducted by dental authorities in North Carolina states that: "Gum disease in America is "rampant" and in the last 14 years gum problems have "significantly worsened!"

Dr. John Ingle, a government dentist in Washington, stated in a 1975 health conference that: the insidious and painless nature of gum disease is "apersonal and national tragedy". The report goes on to say: "The general dental practitioners should be regarded as the pivotal elements in the broad scheme of preventive and therapeutic periodontal programming." By programming it would appear to mean teaching and or doing... However, in a survey done by Dr. A.B. Wade, he reports in the same publication that: "plaque scores and plaque control of dentists themselves were worse than those of patients."

After learning this information, a member of The People's Dental Association recently wrote,

"It was interesting... particularly the part dealing with the fact that the 'professionals' have more problems than the public does... so, how can they help us???"
- K.M., Pasadena, CA
The crying shame of the entire 8-page report is that its conclusion offers no viable solution to the problem... so the national tragedy goes on... and on... and on...

It becomes very obvious that the only way to solve this major health problem is for individuals to learn about the cause of this disease and to take action to stop or treat it themselves... dentists will never be able to do anything about it if they can't stop gum disease in their own mouths!

Webster's Dictionary defines con-spire: to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act, or scheme or plot.

The current "National Tragedy", as the profession calls it, is sufficient proof that: dentists are simply failing the public... Miserably!

The obvious conclusion is that a conspiracy does exist... the thing speaks for itself.

The astronomical increase in the cost of health care and the rapid rise of malpractice suits against doctors in this country and world-wide is further proof that something is wrong. The system is not working... Subsequent pages of this report will delve into the real problem and the only solution possible.

The diagnosis of the problem and its predictable solution is based on over 30 years of study, research and private practice of Dr. Robert O. Nara. Dr. Nara is the Founder of Oramedics International, the world's only group dedicated to helping people AVOID disease rather than treating the results of the disease process with needles, knives, drugs, drilling, pulling and false teeth!

The dentists are to blame.

The Problem...

When any human being is faced with a problem, the first consideration in atempting to find a solution... is to thoroughly understand the problem. The biggest reason that gum disease is so widespread is that no one seems to understand the problem. The dentists certainly don't, so how can the public be expected to know? The answer to that is self-education. 


Carefully examine Fig.1. It shows a cross section of a tooth. The spongy looking material is the supportive bone that holds our teeth in place. The bone on the left of the tooth is shown as normal, on the right side it has deteriorated because of gum disease. The gum tissue covers the bone and a thin layer of tissue fibers surround the tooth and attach the tooth to the bone (a velcro-like attachment).

Early in life, when the teeth first grow into our mouths a small crevice exists between the tooth and the gum tissue. In the healthy condition, this crevice is about 1 millimeter deep. Figure 1 shows an instrument called a pocket marker, inserted into the left side crevice. The crevice on this side shows to be two to three millimeters deep. This condition is already unhealthy because bacterial waste products are causing inflammation of the tissue. This leads to infection and deep bone deterioration... this condition is shown on the right side of the tooth in Fig. 1. The depth of the crevice or pocket on this side is seven or eight millimeters. This depth of pocket formation and bone loss is very severe, and if not arrested very soon will undoubtedly cause the tooth to be lost.

For many years dentists have been telling the public to bruch twice a day, floss once a day, see them for scraping of the teeth every six months and everything will be all right. Millions of Americans have been following these orders, only to be told after a few years that... NOW they have gum disease and need to see a gum specialist for surgery. This means cutting away the diseased gums so the process can start all over again. This is a painful, expensive merry-go-round that leads to false teeth. This whole "personal and national" tragedy continues for only one reason: It's very profitable to the dental profession. A well-known Michigan gum specialist has bragged for years that he makes over a million dollars a year on gum surgery and related treatments. Since the automobile industry has instigated such elaborate dental insurance, his "take" must have doubled or tripled by now!

The irony of the whole situation is that, if armed with the right knowledge, and if motivated to take action, with the proper instruments, anyone can rid the mouth of the offending microscopic little bastards. An enthusiastic user of the methods recently wrote,

"They told me my pockets would have to be cut out, but they healed up by themselves."
- B.P., Arletta, GA
It's very simple. The mouth routinely harbors about 300 different varieties of bacteria, however it has been scientifically proven that the troublemakers are spirochetes, motile rods, and cocci. Reduce these "nasty" bugs below certain levels and... 


Once a person realizes how easy it is to understand the cause of gum disease, a little additional thinking then allows one to understand the decay process... the same mechanism applies here, only here it's the acid part or the toxic waste products that eats holes in the teeth. The notches that many people have at the necks of some teeth are almost always caused by a build-up of toxic waste products below the gum line "before" the gums receed. Dentists always want to blame the patients for improper tooth brushing... That's not true. The notches and the receeding gums are both caused by the same problem. All doctors are alike; dentists, medical doctors, etc. When there are good results taking place they immediately take all the credit. When bad results are happening, they blame the patient! 

When searching for an answer, while the origin of the problem is unknown, ALL potential solutions are at best... Guess Work.

... The Solution

The bottom line on the problem of gum disease is simply that the neck-of-the-tooth is not given proper attention. Dentists are directly to blame because they concentrate all of their efforts on the crowns of the teeth ...they fill them, inlay them, bridge them, etc. That's where the big money is! Therefore the public never learns that the main "trouble spot" is the crevis at the neck of the tooth. The solution lies in cleansing this crevis of the toxic waste products from harmful bacteria.

Early in life this can be accomplished with a tooth brush and Clean-Between, plus...a device to flush out the crevis. Figure 2 on this page shows a diagram of how this is easily accomplished. If some gum disease has set in so the crevis is rapidly becoming a crevasse then a "Special Tip" is required ...the Special Tip squirts a stream of salt water that is much more directional than the ordinary tips. If the disease is even more advanced, then more sophisticated tips and methods, and therapeutic rinses, may be necessary. These stages of the disease and the corresponding treatment tips are illustrated in Figures 3 and 4. An enlarged view of the side-port tip is shown in Figure 5.

These self-help methods of controlling gum disease have been used successfully for over 20 years. The reason that the results are so dramatic is that this approach is aimed at stopping the cause of the problem . . . other methods are an attempt to control the symptoms.

One should be cautious however, in his thinking about these methods. The more severe the gum disease the more difficult these methods become. It may be necessary to retain the help of a dentist who has been specifically trained in helping people to help themselves. Doctor-dependent treatment such as gum surgery is rapidly being replaced with selfhelp methods aimed at eliminating the cause. 


As a final consideration in understanding the etiology of gum disease, it is well to keep in mind that no two human beings are exactly alike. There is a wide variation of people's resistive ability when it comes to fighting off gum disease.

In a large sample of people who's general health would be considered good, a few would have such strong resistance that their gums and supportive bone stays healthy even if they were very neglectful of oral hygiene, eating habits, etc. Another small group would be highly prone to Sum deterioration even if they were very conscientious. A large group in the middle would suffer what might be called typical gum disease.

Also a certain number of people will suffer from what could be called "magnified" gum problems. Gum disease can be exacerbated by many conditions, including immunosupression, malnutrition, or other general debility, endocrine abnormalities, etc. Therefore anyone who has been using all the right methods of eliminating the cause of gum disease but still having problems, should analyze the possibility of some Intrinsic Factor that might be complicating the overall health picture.

Being treated medically fora variety of problems can also have side effects complicating the gum disease situation. For example, about 500 different commercially prepared drugs have side effects that can cause a reduction in the amount of saliva flow. Reduced salivary flow can have an extremely damaging effect on the gums and supportive bone. Some of the most common drugs that produce the dry mouth syndrome are:

One cannot be too careful when it comes to good nutrition. This is probably more important than any single factor. A 25 year empirical study has lead the staff at the People's Dental Association to a determination of certain basic nutritional needs. It seems that those who's gum tissue and bone stay healthy have been eating well and adding additional nutrients ineluded in a "Defense Mechanism Formula". This 25 year emperical study has found that when lacking any of the nutrients in the "basic" ... Defense Mechanism Formula, almost everyone will suffer some degree of gum and bone disease. Some people need a few additional nutrients over and above the Defense Mechanism Formula, which is a matter that requires individual investigation and decision. As with all dental and health matters, personal consul can be obtained by phone or otherwise from the People's Dental Association. 

Beneficial Rinses

Our American forefathers cured meat by soaking it in brine and hanging it up to dry. The primary function of the brine was to kill bacteria. Millions of people have helped to cure oral abscesses, gum boils, etc., by simply rinsing several times a day with warm salt water. The warm water along with the salt helps to pull "fluid" out of the gum tissue, therefore reducing swelling, aleviating pain, and killing harmful bacteria. Warm salt water in an irrigating device means sudden death to millions of hostile bacteria...in gum line crevices and periodontal pockets! Brushing and cocci. flossing is simply not enough to Sick stop gum disease...that's why so many people who followed their dentists advice still wound up with gum disease (infection).

For many years...almost 300 years, it was falsely believed that gum disease was caused by plaque in general. Therefore people who didn't clean well could expect gum disease and those who cleaned well were protected...\l\lrong So is it any wonder that we have so many disillusioned people suffering an unwanted disease today?

About 10 years ago the light at the end of the tunnel began to appear. Research studies by Socransky at Forsyth Dental School in Boston, and by Loesche at the University of Michigan began to indicate that the cause of gum disease was much more "specific" than the old plaque theory. In fact, the new technology described at least five different types of gum disease based on the specific nasty bugs involved in the infectious process. This new evidence is probably best understood by thinking of an old disease we all know and understand..."strep throat". A reddened throat, inflamed, and infected by betahemolytic streptococcl, and you have..."strep throat". This is a very specific disease, with a very specific cause, and needs very specific treatment. So it is with gum disease, seen in light of today's knowledge. Gum disease is a very specific disease, with a specific cause, and needs specific treatment. The presence of plaque and tartar are only incidently related...they are NOT THE CAUSE! Healthy gums: gram-positive faculative rods and cocci-predominately Actinomyces species and streptococci.

Sick gums: gram- negative anaerobic rods primarily Bacteroids and Fusobacteria.

GI-aids:A diseased condition of the gum tissue characterized by lowering or reduction of the strength of the immune system to resist bacterial invasion of the gums, further manifested by an allergic-like reaction of the supportive jawbone to the toxic waste products produced by the bacteria. This progressive deterioration of supportive bone Is a very insidious disease. This disintegration of the bone results in such a sea of pus and infection that it encapsulates the teeth and destroys them.

As previously mentioned warm salt water used in an irrigating device is probably the best all around protection when one wants to rinse away toxic waste products produced by harmful bacteria. It cannot be stressed enough that brushing and flossing are not enough!

For situations where the gum disease is more advanced, the therapeutic rinse of choice is sanguanaria extract (SaE). For many centuries various herbs have been used to help create oral health. Sanguinaria, a herbal extract, is an example of a beneficial rinse used for centuries by native cultures. It is a well recognized homeopathic remedy. The extract is principally a mixture of benzophenathridine alkaloids, the chief constituent alkaloid being sanguinarine (Sa).

It seems very strange that in many cases native cultures using herbal methods were able to accomplish a much higher degree of health than so called Modern Medicine. The reader has probably learned of many other - personal examples in their own lives.

The only significant factor in today's world are the irrigating devices... These undoubtedly have a beneficial effect in delivering the salt water or Sanguinaria extract to the right spot... the neck of the tooth, namely the gum crevis around the neck of the tooth. This no-man's-land of trouble, the neck of the tooth must be brought to the public's attention so that they... the people can take over and solve this problem. Those who are waiting for dentists to "carry the banner"... will have a long wait. Most teeth won't last that long. Now is the time for people to take charge of their own dental destiny.

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