OraMedia Newsletter 3/14/97

OraMedia - Dental Self-Sufficiency Vol. 1, No. 1   3/14/97
"Promoting the self-help methods in the fight against
'periodontal (gum) disease' and related disorders"
Based on the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara

I would like to take this first issue to explain just what OraMedia is all about, and why I bother to devote the amount of time and effort that I do on this issue of dental self-sufficiency.

OraMedia is basically an internet vehicle for the dissemination of Dr. Nara's research and writings. I first heard about Dr. Nara and his organization, 'Oramedics International', back in 1979 after reading an interview in THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS - where I learned that:

1. gum disease can be effectively dealt with by preventive measures that ANYONE can take as part of a regular oral hygiene routine,

2. that you are never going to get this information from your dentist - because your dentist is probably not going to see much of you after you begin on this program,

3. and finally, as a member of the dental profession, expressing views such as found here can get you into some real trouble with the profession!

A year or so after reading the interview, my wife told me that her dentist just informed her she needed root canal surgery due to advancement of pyorrhea (a stage of the periodontal disease), and it was going to set us back around $1000. I'd recalled the interview, dug it out and had her read it. She was very amazed to learn that if she simply applied the proper techniques to cleaning her teeth and gums, her condition would reverse and begin to heal. Why hadn't her dentist just told her that? Why had he let her get this far into the disease process without informing her months prior? She'd been seeing him on a regular basis!! And now, to find out she needed surgery?!

We sent for Dr. Nara's book, 'Money by the Mouthful'. We both read it and learned a great deal more about the disease, the damage it does, and the fact that the dental profession is all about treating symptoms of the disease, but not about the treatment of the disease itself!

Armed with this new information, my wife went to the next appointment with her dentist and asked him about the information she'd been reading. He informed her that it was bogus, and that she needed the surgery immediately... and needed it scheduled NOW! She left the office without an appointment, but with the opinion of the dentist that she was going to lose her teeth if he didn't 'save' them with his scalpel.

She went on the program, and gradiently her gums began to heal and return a better hold on her teeth. They were no longer loose and they didn't hurt or bleed anymore! She decided to maintain her new oral hygiene program, and eventually went to see another dentist as a follow-up. She was informed that the procedure she was using was, indeed valid, working and to keep it up. She was sent home having been informed of NO dental problems on that visit!

Since then, and having seen people go through painful techniques to save their teeth - only to have them eventually pulled and replaced by dentures (a $30 Billion industry, BTW), I decided to take this research and the self-help methods to the Net, where I thought I could reach the most people. I hope I'm right.

I set up a site for OraMedia after contacting and getting the nod from Dr. Nara for putting his work on the web. Most of the information I have been able to get my hands on is there - free for the reading. There is a lot of information there, and I recommend that anyone interested in saving their natural teeth spend the time to get aquainted with the disease - hosted by 98% of ALL Americans - and understand that we can do something about its progression in the deteriorization of our teeth and gums.

I have been all over this Net since I began this work over 3 months ago and have not found one site de- voted to the prevention of periodontal disease! There are MANY sites devoted to treatment techniques...

OraMedia is located at:  http://Mizar5.com  Go there today and INFORM yourself, understand the disease and start treating yourself. It's not hard to do or understand, and you'll be amazed at the results.

And one day, you too will may wonder, "Why didn't MY dentist tell me about this?"

Dr. Nara has written several books on this subject, including:

MONEY BY THE MOUTHFUL - what you should know about the health of your mouth and body... that no doctor is going to tell you!




OraMedia is Edited and Directed by
Tom Cornwell
PO Box 70607, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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