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   Thank-you so much for your newsletters, I really enjoy them. I know you don’t remember me, but 3 ½ years ago you started me on my road of self sufficiency. I have not lost a single tooth like that damn dentist told me that I would (actually he said, “They will just fall out...”) so here I am 3 ½ years later, STILL with all my teeth and loving it!!!! I have even given your website address to one of my friends who was falling for the very same dentist's crap, which I almost believed, and now I have her irrigating her gums and on the road to self sufficiency too.

   Thank you so very much!!!!

   To get the full effect you have had on my life, you need the whole story...

   In February 2002 I'd gone to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and x-rayed, which I did about once every 18 months (I know they say every 6 months- but who has the time?). That is when they told me that I had periodontal disease and my bone was decaying away from my teeth's roots, so they sent me to a Periodontist to see what I should do

   I went to see this so-called 'expert' on periodontal disease with the hope of getting my problem fixed. Well, what he told me was that he was in the business of helping people keep their teeth and then informed me that I needed surgery where they pull down the flap of gum and clean the root - which would cost me $3,000.00 in order to do all 6 areas of my teeth and then he would give my teeth a 75% chance of not falling out. The surgery, however, would leave my teeth with a 'longer look' and I didn't like that idea, so I asked him what would happen if I didn't have this surgery.  He informed me that all my teeth would fall out and that he was shocked that I hadn't lost any teeth as of yet.

   I was devastated! There I was at 34 (not 84!) looking at expensive surgery and probably false teeth in my future. I walked out of there so upset I didn't know what to do, so I went home and got on the internet and looked at everything that had anything to do with this disease which was going to rob me of my teeth. After reading all the websites that said to have the surgery done, I stumbled onto your website. It was like a dream come true.

   It explained what had happened to my bone and what I, myself, could do to fix the problem. I went out that day and bought my first Waterpik®. I have to admit, the front of me was soaked the first few times as I learned to master that spray of water, but here I am 3 years and 7 months later with all my teeth still intact - not wiggling anymore and as bright and healthy as they have ever been.

   I recently purchased my 4th Waterpik, but at $30.00 each I'm still $2,800.00 ahead of the game. It was my fault that I didn't care for my teeth, as brushing them every day alone doesn't keep your teeth healthy, but it was you that saved my teeth and for that- I will always be grateful!!!  Thank you for taking the time to have your website available for people like myself who don't have anywhere else to turn in order to learn the truth of what power we already have to keep our teeth healthy.

Thank you so very much!!!
Michele P.

Editor Response:

   I appreciate feedback from people like Michele, who actually understand, learn and apply the simple techniques of home irrigation and better oral hygiene.  Do many people actually bother to make the extra effort?  My guess is that the 80/20 rule applies:  20% of you coming across this site and getting motivated to take action will actually overcome the 'bother' of reading the material in Dr. Nara's books and the OraMedia site, learning new hygiene techniques and taking the time to incorporate and making this part of a daily routine. 20% of you will be successful in saving your gums and teeth.  The other 80% will decide that they don't have time, will fall back on old habits, rely on their dentists and hygienists to take on that responsibility or will feel that since they have dental insurance, they won't have to worry about 'prevention.'  (Of course, all dental insurance does is provide for the dentist's payment - not your healthy teeth.)

   When I read Michele's testimony, it made me think of another's I received a couple of years ago.  This account is from a woman who DID have the surgery done.  Read her story here.

Tom Cornwell