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"Promoting the self-help methods in the fight against 'gum disease' and related disorders"

Based on the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara

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-Dr. Robert Nara
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-Dr. Robert Nara
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I recieved a letter from the Dr. Bob and Ruth Nara yesterday, having some very nice things to say about our efforts in promoting Dr. Nara's work and Dental Self-Sufficiency itself. They informed me that they are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary!


I've been conducting a 2-part survey of health/nutrition (non-dental) professionals via the internet. The survey has to do with oral hygiene and dentistry and the results are interesting. I'll post them in a couple of weeks.

Finally, we are considering setting up a conference on Dental Self-Sufficiency for later in the year in Myrtle Beach, SC, would like Dr. Nara to speak and perhaps conduct some workshops, etc. I would like to know from you if this would be interesting enough for you to attend. Please send me some feedback on this proposal. If there is enough interest, we'll present the idea to Dr. Nara...

Self Help Alternatives To Gum Surgery by Dr. Robert Nara

Many people today are being told by dentists and gum specialists (periodontists) that they need gum surgery. . .not pleasant news. To most folks this comes as quite a shock. Many people have been fairly religious about daily hygiene, seeing the dentists frequently, and suddenly out of a clear blue sky comes this upsetting news.. . you have periodontitis (pyorrhea) and you need surgery. The fee can range from limited surgery...$500 to extensive surgery...$5,000. The cost isn't the only drawback. Surgery anywhere almost always requires a bandage. Bandages on your gums leave a whole lot to be desired... especially if you think you still want to talk or eat anything but soup and milk shakes. Post-operative pain is a complication of any type of surgery but the pain following surgery of the gums is impossible to imagine by those who have not experienced it.

Like the old good news - bad news jokes...here's the good news: In most cases you can correct the problem itself, at home, with self-help methods "if" you know what to do.

Before anyone can help to alleviate a health problem it's imperative to understand the cause of the problem in order to become a part of helping to "solve" the problem (without knowledge... action is seldom forthcoming).

Simply stated, gum problems are primarily the result of acid production within the mouth and under the gums. This acid which causes damage to the gum tissue is a bacterial waste product. Therefore to reverse the process of gum disease one must first reduce this acid-mouth situation. Gums can heal naturally no matter how badly diseased if the right conditions are created (self-help). To eliminate the bacterial waste products one must simply eliminate the bad (detrimental) bacteria within the mouth and under the gums. This is the same reason why the surgery is performed... to expose the root surfaces to enhance better cleaning. This radical surgical approach does help to make cleaning of the necks of the teeth easier but what a price to pay in expense and pain when you can do the same thing under most circumstances.

The trick is that you must not only clean in and around teeth and gums, but you must also clean the minute space between the teeth and gums. This becomes more difficult as this small crevis deepens.
For further help in understanding the cause and self-help treatment please refer to the Oramedics International pamphlet: The Dirtiest Story In Town.


It's Your Teeth or Store Teeth... YOU Decide - Dr. Robert O. Nara

Using a little common sense, wouldn't you think that modern science would have come up with a CURE for tooth decay and pyorrhea? If mankind can figure how to conquer space and build computers why haven't scientists figured out how to keep teeth and gums healthy for a life time?

The answer to that question is simply that modern science has unlocked the secret to stopping diseases of the teeth and gums but...it's not being put into use.

A dentist by the name of Parmly wrote a book in 1819 and hypothesized the cause of decay and pyorrhea. At that time it was only his opinion because he did not have the scientific proof as to what caused dental problems, but his guess was correct as it has now been proven that his theory was 100% accurate.

Another well known researcher of dental disease was a man by the name of Page whose early writing nutrition and it's effect on the health of teeth has also been proven to be valid.

Any person who wishes to have healthy teeth for life, with no pain and no expense, can do so today, if they have the right knowledge, and if they put the knowledge to use on a daily basis.

Dental cavities can be made to heal as proven by a dentist by the name of Silverstone, doing his research at the University of Iowa. A popular dental journal has reported a research study that proves that pyorrhea which causes bone loss that loosens teeth can be reversed and new bone regenerated which tightens up the teeth.

Many infections within the mouth will heal without interference by the dentist IF the individual knows what to do about them (self-help methods). All of the scientific information is available TODAY to stop all cavities and keep gums healthy, therefore it's easy to go through life never needing ANY dental work.

The first step in eliminating the dentist from your life is proper nutrition. The main reason that so many people have a lot of cavities and gum problems is that they don't get the proper nutrients in their diets. Dr. Page wrote about this many years ago but his recommendations never became very popular. The reason that Page's finding has been vertually ignored is that the dental profession never promoted this knowledge.

Even if one is very well nourished there is a second step necessary in some cases to stop the cause of cavities and pyorrhea. This is the thing that causes some people to despair in their efforts to enjoy a perfectly healthy set of teeth. They eat right and still have problems. This is because a few detrimental types of bacteria have gotten a foot hold in their mouths and they lack the necessary knowledge to know how to rid their mouths of them. The scientific community has discovered these answers but as with Dr. Page's findings the dental profession has not promoted this knowledge either.

The nutrients necessary for healthy teeth and gums start off with calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C (plus others of lesser significance). The detrimental bacteria are streptococcus mutans and spirochetes... their numbers can be controlled by proper cleaning of teeth and gums and irrigation with warm salt water and the use of new plaque retarding cleansers and rinses that kill off harmful disease causing bacteria. Utilization of these methods could easily bring to an end the use of flouride in public water supplies.

Dr. Robert O. Nara, a 1959 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, is very active in the field of helping people to eliminate the dentist from their lives. He has written a variety of books and articles. His most popular books are: "Money by the Mouthful," and "How to Become Dentally Self-Sufficient."
"An Interview With Dr. Bob Nara"

INTERVIEWER: For any person who wants to have healthy teeth what is the most important factor that he/she should consider?

DR. NARA: Diet and nutrition

INTERVIEWER: Are there specific nutrients that heal teeth and gums?

DR. NARA: Yes. Calcium and phosphorus are the two most important nutrients because they are building blocks of teeth. However, many people eat right and clean properly and still have dental problems... How come? When people are trying to learn how to handle a problem but fail to do so they get frustrated. They have no place to go for the right answers.

INTERVIEWER: How do you find a dentist who applies the principles of nutrition and prevention?

DR. NARA: There aren't any. Some pretend but how many are willing to say, "If you get any cavities I'll fix them free?" A lot of them who call themselves holistic do so because they are looking for holes.

INTERVIEWER: Why don't most dentists practice prevention?

DR. NARA: It's not profitable to the dentist... no money in it!

INTERVIEWER: My dentist says I need a root canal. Should I get a second opinion?

DR. NARA: It's probably not going to do you any good because you'll most likely get the same answers...both wrong. For instance, 90% of all root canals are not necessary. You can determine yourself if you need a root canal if you know how. Write for the pamphlet, "Do I Really Need a Root Canal?"

INTERVIEWER: A lot of workers' dental insurance is being cut back or dropped altogether. What's your recommendation for these people?

DR. NARA: No problem. It's a con game anyway...in fact, the only form of health insurance in general that's not a rip off is Major Medical. We need to protect ourselves against catastrophic expenses not routine problems. The Fall 1984 issue of P.D.A. Network News dealt with this matter and explained how to protect yourself from the medical and dental insurance fraud.

INTERVIEWER: Is all this gum tissue surgery we hear about today really needed?

DR. NARA: A gum surgeon I know of brags about taking in $1,000,000 per year, so gum surgery may be needed to make him rich but as far as benefiting the public - certainly not. The cause is toxic waste products produced by harmful bacteria under the gum line. The solution is to flush out bacteria once a day with an Oramedics Tip on a ViaJet. (Products page).

INTERVIEWER: A lot of people seem to feel they get the "run around" in dental offices today. How can they best protect themselves against that?

DR. NARA: The people who are smart enough to realize that they are getting the "run around" are also smart enough to learn how to take care of their mouths through self-help methods so that they can eliminate the dentist from their lives. Nobody goes to see the psychiatrist every six months to have their brains cleaned, checked and x-rayed and it's just as foolish to think that one needs to do so with their teeth every six months.

INTERVIEWER: In your opinion what's going to happen to dentistry in the next ten years?

DR. NARA: It will become extinct, according to the August 1984 issue of Forbes Magazine. I agree because as soon as the public finds out how easy it is to stop cavities and eliminate gum problems there won't be any more need for dentists.







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