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Where's the health
in health care reform?
Part One

It is a common misconception that holding a dental insurance policy is going to ensure your healthy teeth and gums for life.  In reality it (might) ensure that your dentist gets paid by an outside source...  it has absolutely nothing to do to ensure your good health will continue due to healthy teeth and gums.

Absolutely nothing.  Yet, why do even those who have insurance plans end up with a mouthful of fillings, bridges, root canals or dentures???

Where's the Health in
Dental Insurance??

All that you read here about health care reform from Mike Adams is also true with DENTAL HEALTH, your dentist ...  and the money.

Dr. Robert Nara wrote about this very topic more than 30 years ago.

He has a 50-year track record of helping people like yourself avoid the high cost of dentistry by showing others how to properly care for their teeth and gums so that they would last a lifetime.

Dental insurance does not do that -
yet it is rising in cost every year.

Your first step in improving and maintaining optimum oral health is education.  Read Dr. Robert Nara's, 'Money by the Mouthful' and 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient.'

Keep your money and keep your teeth.  The end result of a lifetime of dental care should NOT be a mouthful of dentures.

More Information...

Oct 14, 2005 by Mike Adams Newstarget.com

In the months and years ahead, you're going to hear a whole lot of talk about health care reform, but most of what you're going to hear is about reform, not health. You see, there's this great lie out there, this huge misconception, this big shell game, where all these politicians and power-hungry people think they can convince the public that health care reform is just about shifting paper around and deciding who pays.

But I say that you cannot talk about health care reform with any degree of honesty or credibility until you talk about health. None of the discussion I have seen from anybody out there – not the press, not the health care authorities, not the American Medical Association, not the politicians who are going to ride this issue all the way into public office – covers substantial ideas about actually making people healthier. So I ask: Where's the health in health care reform?

You can't reform your way out of chronic disease by changing who pays for it. You can't take away a nation of degenerative brain disorder sufferers and a whole generation of children who have been born with malfunctioning nervous systems because of the malnutrition the mothers have been experiencing. You can't take that away by changing who's writing the check. You can't solve obesity and diabetes by insuring all the uninsured. This is not a paperwork problem, yet that's the solution we hear out there. It's all about paperwork.

It's all trending towards a national system – a government-sponsored health care system, just like they have in Canada. Now, personally, I'm not necessarily for or against the government-sponsored system. I've seen countries do it very well; I've seen countries do it poorly, too. It's not the system that's good or bad; it's the idea that you can wiggle your way out of the health care crisis just by shuffling paperwork around and changing who's writing the checks to cover the costs.

Health care reform: Money vs. people

Now, let's get serious about this: If you want to reform health care, what are you really talking about here? You're talking about two things: Cost and people. And that's the order that most people think of them in, by the way. It's the money first. Why? As a nation, we're going bankrupt. We're already bankrupt, actually, but we're just making it even worse with these sky-high health care costs.

Our employers are going bankrupt trying to fund the health insurance of their employees. It makes U.S. workers unable to compete in the global marketplace. This is one of the reasons jobs are increasingly shifting overseas. It's because U.S. workers are just too expensive to insure due to our health care system (if you can call it that). I say you can't solve this problem by subsidizing insurance or by forcing employers to cover everybody. You can only solve the problem by making people healthier. You've got to address the health.

Now, secondly, it comes down to the people because now we have a whole nation of unprecedented illness and chronic disease. Anywhere from 25 to 46 percent of our nation is suffering from mental illness, depending on whom you ask. We have 40 percent of our people on prescription drugs – drugs that take away mental clarity and quality of life. These drugs are killing people at a rate that's approaching the Holocaust.

At the same time, we've got a nation with a public school system that continues to feed our children junk food, soft drinks and candy bars. The school lunch programs are a nutritional disaster. We've got hospitals serving hamburgers and fries. We've got hospitals where we can buy a pizza. "Come out of heart surgery and get yourself some extra cheese!"


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