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The 180 Degree Theory

by Dr. Robert O. Nara and Steven A, Mariner

How To Become mentally Self-Sufficient


All human conduct, for good or evil, is the result of individuals making choices. Decisions precede actions and actions produce results; some good, some bad. The only real difference these results produce in life is a simple question of magnitude: The degrees ranging from satisfaction to sheer ecstasy; or from displeasure to personal tragedy.

When we do things well we have the sense of wellbeing that says we are "on course." When we mis-cope, we have lost our bearings. Such errors in judgement are so commonplace our language contains numerous expressions to describe them: "I should have done just the opposite," or "I did that backwards," or "I don't know whether I'm coming or going." It isn't an accident that our everyday language is full of sayings which colorfully describe thought and action as being one hundred eighty degrees off course: One Eight Zero degrees from any point on the compass is the exact reverse; it is "the opposite," it is "backwards."

The cumulative effect of these life-mistakes brings failure to some people, anxiety and depression to others; and nobody is exempt from the effects of backwards judgement.

Becoming mentally self-sufficient would, for each of us, vastly improve the quality of foresight. Hindsight may be clearer, less distorted, but unfortunately hindsight can only show us where we've been...not where we are going. We all know how to look backwards, but life is 180 degrees from there: It is still in front of us.

Understanding why we make navigational errors in our lives, and knowing what to do about it, can help anyone achieve mental self-sufficiency. Such knowledge is not a system...not exactly; nor is it a "method," although there is method in its application. Nor is it either science or art or religion.

It is, instead, a theory; one which provides enough insight to why we do what we do to enable, if necessary, a complete turn-around in life.

A complete turn-around, of course is 180 degrees.
And this, on the following pages, is the 180-Degree Theory.

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