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Dr. Robert O. NaraCan Gum Disease Be Cured?

Robert O. Nara, DDS retired from the practice of dentistry at age 45 - over thirty years ago.  In 1996, sixteen years later, I sent a letter to Dr. Nara and his wife, Ruth, asking if they might forward some of their literature on oral health so that I could put it on the web for others to benefit from.  I really didn't intend to do any more than that...

Over the next few weeks, I began to receive cartons of material on my front porch.  I had no idea that he had written and published so much!  I was allowed to reproduce most of the material they sent and got busy uploading to the server when the calls began pouring in.

While the Nara's had no intention of ever going back into the practice of dentistry, over the past decade they have been more supportive of the OraMedia project than I could have ever hoped.

In December, 2009, Dr. Nara was interviewed on Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network.   You are invitied to listen to this informative episode now, and in one hour you will have a completely different understanding of your oral health and enough information to begin making the changes you need to save your teeth today!  Listen

Mr. G. Edward Griffin, Reality Zone, Unfiltered News and Freedom Force International
In June, 2009,
G. Edward Griffin, authority on the Federal Reserve and author of 'The Creature from Jekyll Island,' interviewed Dr. Nara after a lengthy conversation on periodontal disease.  That interview became available on Griffin's 'Unfiltered News' site in mid-November, 2009.  (View Audio CD)

From a Listener...

From: Maryanne - - -
Subject: Dr. Nara's interview on Patrick Timpone
To: tom @ mizar5.com
Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009, 11:49 AM


I heard Dr. Nara's interview on Patrick Timpone's show last week and was even able to ask an email question. Life is so simple and we complicate it so much.

I have had ongoing gum problems for probably 30 years. I have gone to at least 5 dentists or periodontists in that time. Not a single one of them has ever given me any direction except to have my teeth cleaned by them every 2 months. I never did that because it sounded ridiculous to me. I have brushed and flossed my teeth twice a day my entire life, yet still having problems with my gums.

After listening to Dr. Nara, I realized I was doing it all wrong.

I had an abscessed tooth the day I listened in. I have "pockets" in my gums and at least four teeth that are hot/cold sensitive. I have followed all his suggestions this past week, hot salt water in the oral irrigator, using the fine tip to get down into those "pockets," I have brushed my teeth for at least five minutes using nothing more than salt and baking soda and I have purchased dental tape, not floss, and flossed my teeth properly.

The call was last Thursday, December 3, this is Wednesday. The abscess has settled down, ALL of the hot/cold sensitivity is gone from all my teeth. I know I have a ways to go but this is the first time I have actually had progress. I am going to schedule an appointment with the hygienist for a simple cleaning. I want them to measure those pockets because when I go back, I want to see the progress in black and white. I am going to follow only Dr. Nara's advice and keep doing what he said to do and I will write to you about those results. I know this will work. The irrigator was flushing out particles of food that the brushing and flossing did not get out. My mouth feels and tastes clean for a change.

Too many people were asking him questions relating to nutrition. I eat a whole food diet and that sure hasn't helped my teeth.

Please forward my letter to Dr. Nara. I was the person who emailed the question about what kind of toothpaste to use.

Thank you for having all this information on your website. I feel like for the first time in my life, my whole body can be healthy, including my teeth. Since I have no dental insurance, the ability to be dentally self-sufficient is very important to me.

Maryanne P.
Cleveland, Ohio

Follow up...

From: Maryanne  - - -
Subject: RE: Dr. Nara's interview on Patrick Timpone
To: tom @ mizar5.com
Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009, 3:23 PM


Go right ahead and use my letter!  I found the OraMedia site a few months ago and had continued to not read or really pay attention to how simple this is.  In the meantime, I was buying tubes of herbal toothpaste and kept brushing wrong, flossing wrong and not using the irrigator properly. I have had that oral irrigator for 15 years, getting dusty in the closet!!

A week ago I was having trouble eating anything at all, there was pain in all quadrants of my mouth. By taking a little additional time every day for the past week, I can eat again and now I know the true cause of all my trouble.

I don't spend much time with online seminars but when I saw Dr. Nara was going to be on, I taped a big note on my computer so I wouldn't forget. He was fabulous!


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