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NEW!  RESTORE Toothpaste
With Calcium & Phosphorus Ions to Re-Mineralize the Teeth

Dr Collins' RESTORE Toothpaste with Novamin
Dr. Collins RESTORE Remineralizing Toothpaste

Restore Toothpaste:

    * Contains NovaMin to rebuild the tooth surface
    * Restores lost tooth minerals and strengthens teeth
    * Fluoride Free Remineralizing Toothpaste
    * Kills bacteria associated with cavities
    * Reduces tooth sensitivity

NovaMin is:

    * Clinically proven to provide the preventive tooth and gum care that dentists recommend.
    * Scientifically proven to repair tooth abrasion and erosion from acidic foods, bacterial acids and over             brushing.
    * Reverse the damage to the tooth from both acidic foods, bacterial acids and over brushing.


    * Naturally brightens teeth, restoring their natural shine.
    * Nourishes the teeth with essential calcium and phosphorus ions needed for the natural self-repair process of the teeth.
    * Supplements bioavailable calcium and other essential minerals for stronger, healthier teeth.
    * Supercharges your mouth with the same calcium and essential mineral ions that your saliva uses to protect your teeth and             gums.

3/1/10 - Sorry, Currently Unavailable from OraMedia.

In stock at Drugstore.com :

Article:  How Teeth Remineralize and DE-Mineralize

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