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In 1980, I purchased and read 'Money by the Mouthful' and 'How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient' by Dr. Nara.  My wife, at the time, and I had tremendous success with applying the information which he provided through that material.  When the marriage ended after 10 years (I should've read Nara's 'The 180 Degree Theory'), all of the material we had from Dr. Nara and Oramedics International went with her, but I figured that I had enough under my belt to survive well - and I did.  At 48, I still have all of my teeth, they are in good shape and the only thing I've ever had to have done was a cleaning from time to time - and I'm talking years between visits...

The problem was that I would occassionally run into others facing expensive dental treatment and really wanted them to know that they didn't need to necessarily go through the pain and expense to correct a problem they shouldn't have in the first place, but I didn't have access to any of the information anymore and couldn't help them.  This is really the whole reason I got the OraMedia site for Dental Self Sufficiecy up and runnning in the first place.  I sort of felt responsible for not being able to help people in this way and considered that if I put Dr. Nara's material online, then miliions of people all over the world would be able to benefit from his work... as long as they located the site.

At the time, I never dreamed that I'd be doing any of this full-time.  I thought I'd throw the site together, list it with a few search engines and go back to selling printing and graphics services.  Soon afterward, though, people began to e-mail me, asking all sorts of questions - particularly questions about where they could buy *this or that* which Bob Nara wrote about.  I started this newsletter and began hunting down and selling those products which complimented those he wrote about.  I was granted permission to publish his books in order to help make my effort a little more worthwhile and people bought them, became more knowledgable and were able to to take on more responsibility for the oral health of themselves and their families.

It feels good to receive communication from folks who did handle their oral health problems, saved a lot of money and prevented 'who-knows-what down' the road.

Here's an example from a pastor in New England:

"Since I began using your website, purchased materials and supplies, etc. my periodontal disease has been defeated, according to my dentist (I know the difference too). He has taken note, as has my periodontist, that my case is very unique and inspiring. Significantly reduced pocketing, healthy gingiva, loose teeth tightened up..."

I am sure that there are some of you who feel the way that I did and do - when you hear that a friend or family member is going in for some expensive and sometimes unnecessary treatment (actually, ALWAYS unnecessary, because it certainly could've been prevented), you want to tell them about what you learned and know from studying Dr. Nara's materials in hopes that they could benefit as you had - IF they knew!

So why not become our ambassador?

I speak with Dr. and Mrs. Nara weekly.  They are retired and see themselves as 'in the stands,' dispensing advice, while a few of us - and I Do mean a FEW - are pushing the ball up the field toward the oral health 'self-empowerment' goal.  Dr. Nara has proven and is convinced that people can heal their own teeth and gums with minimal effort - if they know HOW -  and the time is really at hand for this movement go gain tremendous momentum. When it does, the profession might finally take notice that, yes, the cause and cure of this one disease, which is now linked to so many other health related problems, can be prevented - not just 'treated.'  But they can't prevent it.  Only YOU can.

Years ago, Dr. Nara got a lot of publicity about what he was doing; he was written up in Prevention Magazine, Mother Earth News, Mothering Magazine, he was a guest on the Phil Donahue Show...  the list goes on and on.  If you know of someone in the media, someone who will do a story on Dr. Nara or what he has written, let me know.  I'll do an interview, Dr. Nara will do an interview...  He'll hop on a plane tomorrow if necessary.  It's who you know, and I'm appealing to you, my reader.

Now, this may not be your main goal in life, but I'll bet that when you hear of someone having to go in for a root canal you think, "Hey, I wonder if they could benefit from what I know?"  Well, the answer is always, YES!  But how can you help them?  Send them to the 'source.'  Send them to the OraMedia site.  Have them get and read Dr. Nara's books.  I have an incentive for you to do that:  I set up a page for 'Ambassadors' or 'Affiliates' to use when referring people.  When you sign on as an affiliate and send someone to the page, I have arranged to split the sale price with you - 50%.  It's set up through 'Clickbank,' and they'll send you a check twice a month and all you have to do is refer people there and encourage them to buy and read the books.  We all win.

This is perfect if you send a lot of e-mail or have a web site - just create a link to that page.

In addition, once you sign up, if you send me an e-mail letting me know that you did, I'll send you some attractive cards you can hand out which have the link printed right on them.  So, even if you don't have a site, barely use the computer...  You can still benefit and they can still benefit.

I've also played with the idea of setting up an affiliate program (for our other products) for a very long time and I'd like to hear from you.  I'd like to know if you would participate.  If the feedback is positive, I'll go ahead with it.  For now, let's work on the books.  All you have to do to participate is go to this page: OraMedia Ambassadors

Please feel free to write if you have any questions about how this works.

Thank you,
Tom Cornwell

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