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$aving Orthodontic Dollars

If given the choice between two tools, both equally suited to accomplishing the task, which one would you choose? Suppose, then, that one tool costs five dollars, the other costs a hun­dred. That makes the choice much simpler, doesn't it?  You would most assuredly choose the five dollar tool.         

This is precisely the choice you have available to you regarding orthodontic care. Most of us know about the expensive tool; braces, wires, etc. Many complicated cases involving orthodontic care can rip open your wallet for sums in excess of SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per patient.

"Ouch! My ailing bank account!" we can hear you crying.

Suppose, for an investment of five percent or less of that "Ouch!" amount, you could minimize or totally prevent the need for ortho­dontic care? Interested?


A simple test, utilized by only a small minority of dentists in America, can effectively predict orthodontic problems BEFORE THEY OCCUR.

The test is called a Mixed Dentition Analysis. By utilizing this test when your child is six to eight years old, your dentist can accurately predict the future problems and take steps to prevent them from happening.

The portion of the test directly involving the patient is short and uncomplicated. An impression is taken of the patient's tooth structure. From this impression, a study model which duplicates the patient's oral alignment and tooth size is constructed.

Using this study model, the dentist can measure the sizes of permanent teeth already in place. Using these measurements, he can accurately estimate the amount of space that is required for the remaining permanent teeth to come in correctly.



The most common cause of misalignment in teeth is the lack of ample space for proper development to occur.  Just as a square peg won't go into a round hole, too many teeth that are too large for the given space create prob­lems.

The pattern for future dental progression begins forming many months before your child is born. Many complex genetic factors come together to affect the child's future dental alignment.

By taking measurements from the study model, combined with visual checks of profile and bite alignments, your dentist can predict, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, the chance for future orthodontic problems.

If his assessment reveals a space shortage, he can take steps to cure or limit the scope of orthodontic problems. By selective removal of baby teeth and permanent teeth, he can assure adequate space for teeth to enter in proper alignment. If the situation has progressed so that some problems have developed, minor corrective measures may be temporarily needed.

Except in rare cases, the use of complex, extensive orthodontic appliances is practically eliminated.  In all cases, orthodontic care can be greatly simplified and of shorter duration, therefore saving money.



Realistically, we can project a future where straight teeth are the rule.  By taking preventive measures early in the game, the need for ortho­dontic appliances could be virtually eliminated.

Aside from the obvious financial advantage gained by this plan, there are other less visible advantages to consider.

This plan takes advantage of natural human development. This permits a better anchoring of the roots into the supporting bone structure. Any forced movement of teeth can be injurious to the structure below the gum line.

In extensive orthodontic cases, a problem called root resorption can take place. Root resorption is a wearing down of the naturally sharp points of the roots. This means the teeth will NEVER anchor themselves as well as they would have, if left undisturbed.

In addition, there is the hygiene problem. With the presence of braces and wires in the mouth, adequate cleansing measures are very difficult to perform.

As a direct result, extensive decay is often found beneath the braces when they are re­moved. In addition to the possible pain for your child, here is more dental expense.

Your child's teen years will be a difficult period of profound psychological change. "Coming of Age" is a turning point for all of us. The changes, both physical and mental, come together to shape the adult personality.

The psychological pressure created by orthodontic devices, particularly the degree of harassment by peers, is a tragic and prevent­able burden for your child.



Most of these problems could be avoided, if early action is taken. This simple, painless test can lead the way to preventing all the problems that have been outlined in this booklet.

Consult your dentist today.  Ask him to perform the Mixed Dentition Analysis* for your child. This small investment can lead to a lifetime that is free of orthodontic problems.

If your dentist is presently unacquainted with the test procedure, he can get the informa­tion from recognized reference sources*.

Do it TODAY!


Read: Vitamin D and Teeth in Kids

*Handbook of Orthodontics by Dr. Robert E. Moyers Year Book Publishers, Inc. 200 E. Illinois Street; Chicago, Illinois C 1988

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