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Medical Risks of
Periodontal Infections

Heart Disease

The risk of developing heart disease was increased by 168% in those who had periodontal infection.

- Compendium, Fall 1999; Genco, et. al

Patients with periodontitis are 72% more likely to have coronary heart disease even after accounting for all other factors.  Mortality is 2.12 times more likely.
- British Medical Journal, 1993; Loesche, et. al


In stroke cases, only the dental factor is causative and significant.  The risk of stroke is 2-1/2 times as high in people with PI (Periodontal Infection); treatment of PI offers a new way to prevent strokes.
- Stroke, 1997, 28:  1724-1729: Grau, et. al


Treatment of PI reduces the level of  glycosylated hemoglobin, thus improving the metabolic control of diabetes mellitus.
- Periodontal Disease & Human Health Symposium,
  University of North Carolina, 1997

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis have a greater prevalence of advanced forms of PI, and vice-versa.  RA is a chronic inflammatory disease with remarkably similar patterns of tissue destruction to periodontitis.
- J. Clin Perodontol, 2000: 267-272; Mercado, et. al

Pre-Term and Low Birth Weight Births

The odds of spontaneous preterm birth are sevenfold if sever PI is present.  PI may be as deleterious to the mother and fetus as smoking and alcohol abuse.
- Compendium, Fall 1999; Offenbacher et. al


A common route to infection by microorganism is through aspiration of fluids containing pathogenic microorganisms which may infect the lower respiratory tract and cause pneumonia.
- Disease and Human Health Symposium,
University of North Carolina, 1997

Oral Cancer

Patients with serious periodontal disease were at double the risk of having a precancerous lesion and four times the risk of having an oral tumor of any kind, as compared to people with healthy gums.
- State University of NY at Buffalo News Release: March, 2003

Alzheimer's Disease

...periodontal disease should be seen as a signpost for exposure to inflammation, which in turn can go on to damage brain tissue and lead to dementia...
- Alzheimer's Assn Int'l Conference on Prevention of Dementia, Washington, D.C.

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Are You at Risk?  BANA Test for High Risk Periodontal Pathogens

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