Braun Oral-B Sonic Complete S-275
Oral-B Sonic Complete

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Braun Oral-B Sonic Complete, S-275

Oral B Sonic CompleteThe first sonic toothbrush from Oral-B is specifically designed to offer you complete mouth care. Oral-B Sonic Complete removes plaque to help prevent tooth decay, promotes firmer, healthier gums, and removes harmful, odor-causing bacteria from your tongue. Features multiple brushing modes (clean, soft, and massage) for a customized clean, by effectively removing plaque, gently stimulating gums and naturally whitening teeth.

Clinically Proven Benefits

  • Use an Oral-B Sonic Complete toothbrush twice daily to:

  • Help improve the health of your teeth and gums

  • Effectively remove plaque without irritating gums

  • Reverse gingivitis for firmer, healthier gums

  • Whiten your teeth 25% better than Sonicare Elite* by removing more coffee, tea, and tobacco stains

*Sonicare Elite is a trademark of Philips Oral Healthcare, Inc.

Product Features :Oral B Sonic Complete

  • Multiple brushing modes Clean, Soft and Massage offer you a customized clean that targets the needs of your entire mouth

  • CrissCross® bristles: Angled bristles to reach deep and clean between teeth

  • Power Tip® Bristles: Longer bristles to reach more difficult spots

  • 2-Minute Timer indicates when the professionally recommended 2-minute brushing time has been reached

  • Professional timer signals every 30 seconds encouraging a complete cleaning of the 4 quadrants of your mouth

  • Runs up to two weeks without recharging

  • Takes Oral-B Sonic Complete brush head refills

Oral-B® Sonic CompleteTM S-275:

  • Two Brushing Modes (Clean & Soft) Customized brush settings for teeth, gums and tongue

  • Advanced Brush Head Technology Angled CrissCross bristles for a better clean

  • Ergonomic Handle Silm, Light non-slip handle for better control

  • 2 Minute Timer Indicates when the professionally recommended 2-minute brushing time has been reached

  • Professional timer Signals at 30-second intervals to encourage a more complete brushing of the four quadrants of your mouth

  • Two Oral-B Sonic Complete brushheads

  • Deluxe travel case

  • Charger stand with refill storage

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